Hey everybody!
Check out our good friend,
Lois Keen's niece at the
She is a musician of great
talent who, I am certain,
will be appreciated by a
good many of you.

For those of you of a shallow disposition, like myself, I would point out that she's also grade one eye-candy (but then she is a relative of Lois so you would all assume that anyway).


HOT TIP OF THE DAY — 10 Comments

  1. What a voice. I’m with Lois, I don’t understand why someone hasn’t picked up on her potential and promoted her from one end of this country to the other. (Or internationally for that matter.)

  2. We Thien kids used to gather around Kirsten’s dad, my brother, and we’d sing all the good rock stuff with my brother on guitar. Johnny can’t read a lick of music but he has a gift for getting the guitar and piano parts perfect without a fake sheet.

    Kirsten would fall asleep stretched out along Johnny’s crossed leg. We figure she absorbed the accumulated gifts of all of us. Sometimes I can see my younger self in her looks. Sometimes. Thanks for giving her a look.

    p.s. I’ve sent her a link to this post but don’t let that keep you from being your own unusual selves! She’d expect nothing less.

    I couldn’t be prouder of her. She follows her dream no matter what.

  3. Mea culpa – I forgot. Let me fire that one off in an email! (heh heh)

    The “always buy our music” bit, however, is very important. I forgot to include that.