1. 25 seconds into this and my granddaughter left the room with her hands over her ears! I think that says it all.


  2. Anyone seems to be able to record anything these days, no matter how dire, and really good Indies like my niece can’t get a break. Her name is Kirsten Thien if anyone’s interested. Working full time at a day job and writing songs and putting out her third cd in her free time. Meanwhile, Lowhoever – well – forget it, buddy. I listened to you a second time just in case I’d got it wrong, but it was worse the second time. Shame on me.

  3. I gave your niece a listen, Lois. Quite honestly, although she’s very talented, I can’t see her breaking out of the ginger subculture. She’s just too redheaded to crossover at this time. We are moving towards full inclusivity and I hope that within my lifetime a ginger will be able to go out in public without a bag over his or her head. But it’s going to be a long time before a “person of freckles” is accepted as normal by ordinary people.

  4. Ah, it is as I feared. And it doesn’t help that the ginger in her comes from her mother’s Scottish background. Still, in indie circles she has a following.

    I’m dense, Dah-veed; what’s the spare? Are you referring to Mrs. MP?

  5. You don’t inherit gingerness, Tracie. There isn’t a ginger gene. People choose to be ginger and they can be cured. I’ve known plenty of ex-gingers and, other than the constant shaking and a propensity to burst into tears every few minutes they lead perfectly normal lives. But I still don’t think they should be allowed to work with children – too many of them revert to gingerness and we don’t want them recruiting our young people to their agenda do we?

  6. No! No cures! There are no ex-gingers, only people with a fetish for hair dye! They are living in denial! Being ginger is hip and cool these days; you can tell because all the kids are doing it.

    Maybe we should march on Washington or something…


  7. Yeah but Tracie, you know in Leviticus it says gingers should be stoned. Well, and to be frank you do look rather out of it.