1. “wings”

    ROFLMAO that’s what I was thinking too!!

    Someone had posted a favorable comment about iPad and I almost commented “is this some kind of new sanitary product for women??”

  2. I think they should go with iMoses.
    When they do you all back me up when I sue them for billions for nicking my idea, okay? I’ll buy you all a drink if I win.

  3. That is the biggest d*** iPhone I think I’ve ever seen! Could I make phone calls with it? I mean, it seems it will do everyting else except rake my cats’ zen gardens.

  4. LMAO @ the wings thing.

    This is the biggest iphone I ever saw – and I love my iphone, but not sure I need this. Think I’d rather have a macbook pro.

  5. I’ll stick with my MacBook Pro. This new creation is another piece I do not need. Plus that, in a few months they will release the “new and improved” version.

  6. It is more an iPod Touch (iTouch) on steroids.

    There is no phone and no camera built into these models, so I would wait until it has been “refreshed” at least once to see where it was going. The iPhone (JUN) & iTouch (SEP) have been on a 1 year refresh cycle.

    It has a built in mic and speaker so you could still make phone calls with one of the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) apps for the iPhone & iTouch with an internet connection over Wi-Fi or G3.

    But without a camera there is no live video chatting.

    But they have solid state flash memory instead of hard drives like a laptop, so they are fast, very responsive.

  7. The new Apple iPad’s the go
    It will suit a beginner, or pro
    It’s comfy for sure
    But it’s not for the poor
    And it’s not for a heavy night’s flow

  8. Hurrah!! A limerick from Boaz. I was thinking there hadn’t been one for a while.

    Trust an Australian to manage to lower the tone of a conversation that started out at rock bottom

    Yeah well, we beat you Brits at everything, don’t we. Including this.

    Well done, Boaz!!

  9. Well, it would seem I would still need my phone, my camera and my laptop (for serious applications). I can download books to my laptop now using my Barnes and Nobel Reader software (which was free) that works also with the Nook. So if I still have to take all of that other stuff, why would I need this? If they add a phone and and camera, put in some word processing aps and a way to print, then I’ll consider it. What we need is a compact, all-in-one device so that we don’t have to take a gazillion different devices with us everytime we leave the house.

  10. Oh, BC, it can do word processing. The 3 Mac iWorks apps, Keynote, Numbers and Pages, have been beautifully redesigned to work on the iPad, and are only US$9.99 each in the Apps Store when the iPad is available.

    It would be very unwieldy for snapshots, but may eventually have a video camera for video chats. It has USB and card reader adapters to transfer photos directly from a camera or its memory card.