From THE CITIZEN (Tanzania):

A row on the use of condom that threatened to split Mt Kilimanjaro diocese of the Anglican Church in Arusha is now over. The long simmering conflict pitted the church followers in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions and Bishop Simon Makundi. He had insisted on the use of condoms among believers to protect themselves against the killer HIV/Aids.

His stand did not appease most church followers and sparked a conflict between him and them since 2004. At times the church leaders were fighting each other to preside over Sunday prayers. At one time to the extent of threatening a breach of peace among the church followers. This forced some Sunday prayers to be conducted in the presence of the police. During all this time the bishop was prohibited to conduct services at St James church in the heart of Arusha. But on Sunday officials of the protestant church stated that the saga was now over, and it is business as usual at all parishes under the diocese. The row has been diffused after both sides realised that it was going to split the Anglican Church diocese down the middle.

COMMENT: To be honest, I can't see how these Tanzanian evangelicals can get so high and mighty about men wearing condoms when the following (from the end of the above article) is, obviously, perfectly acceptable to them:

The Sunday prayers was also a special occasion for receiving a donation from a politician. The church received a Coaster mini bus worth $35,000 from the Singida North legislator, Mr Lazaro Nyalandu.

Speaking at the hand over, the youthful MP said the donation followed a request from the church leaders to avail the vehicle for facilitating transport of the church choir to various places. He said he raised money for purchasing the vehicle with his friends living abroad.

Hopefully, the congregation, and all their friends, will show their appreciation of the politician's generosity by voting for him at the next election. Although I expect that was the last thing on his mind when he decided to help them.



  1. Anglicanism in East Africa just keeps getting better and better. Yes, I know there are thousands, yea even millions, of devoted and faithful Christian folk, Anglican and other. But I think maybe it’s time for these sisters and brothers to get off our backs.