My friend Bill who is a minister in north Iowa will have his 14 year old dog put to sleep tomorrow. You might want to send him some good thoughts.

On his FaceBook page, Bill writes:

Perhaps I'm just a sentimental old fool, but Monday my friend and companion will be no more. He is not his old self...and neither am i. Thanks for all the love.

Fecking Mondays.


Posted by Bad Alice at BAD ALICE:

Sigh. I am in the doldrums, and not a breath of fresh air to fill my sails. I’m trying to just let depression be what it is, since it is an inescapable part of the rhythm of my life. It won’t be here forever and it can huff and puff but thanks to modern medicine it can’t blow the house down. I hope.

Do read her full post on this as she hits the nail of depression right on its head.


Posted by Father Dougal at DOUGALTHINK:

My head has been a bit mad since Friday. It's the stress that comes (for me) at the thought of Monday involving an interview with the Job Centre, an assessment session with a psychiatrist for Aspergers and a trip to the therapist. Self revealing for up to 3 hours in a day - the very thought is enough to put me into a high state of anxiety! Friday saw a serious out break of chunky Kit Kat consumption and much sooking of the nicotine inhaler! Saturday saw less of the former but very nearly a collapse of the quitting the weed! Still hinging in there though!


Posted by Sinful Theology at SINFUL THEOLOGY:

Its 2am in the morning and i should be asleep, but my mind is racing and as so often of late i cant find peace. My obsession is as ever the priesthood. When i try to work out what i should be doing with my life, i keep coming back to this place - i should be a priest. I cant work out if i am just in denial, if what i should be doing is mourning and then trying to find a way forward, or whether i should be finding a way to fight.


Posted by Kenju at IMAGINE:

Sunday brought an in-home memorial service for a lovely neighbor who had been in a nursing home with Alzheimer's Disease for 15+ years. When we first moved here, she was young and pretty and had a very active life. The first signs of a problem occurred when she was about 46, I think. The last time (about 2000) I saw her (before she was placed in the nursing home) another neighbor had brought her to the new home of a former neighbor for a small gathering. She carried a small recorder with a tape of her husband's voice so she could remember him. It made us incredibly sad to see her like that. By that point, she also had trouble remembering her children or their names. Not long after that, she was placed in the nursing facility. Her otherwise good health kept her going until last week.


Posted by Arkansas Hillbilly at HILLBILLY MUSINGS:

Thanks to everyone that put Mrs. H in their prayers. Just wanted to let you know she is doing much better. It was a combination of post partem depression, lack of sleep and cabin fever from the nasty bit of weather.


Posted by Mibi52 at REV MIBI:

Peter is doing better. They have moved him to an in-patient rehab facility, where he will stay for the coming week. If things go well, he will move down to Chicago and continue his rehab on an out-patient basis.

He still has weakness on the right side, both his arm/hand and his leg, so getting out of bed requires assistance, and walking is still a work in progress. His speech continues to improve, although he is still mixing up words.

What has come back full force is his sweetness and good humor to those who are helping him recover. Such a great kid!

Saint Paul, on the feast of your conversion, pray for us.


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  1. Poor Bailey, and poor Bill, so sad always when it comes to this. The dog looks old and not himself in the picture. Alas.

  2. Cathy, Bailey is OK. Bailey is Jay’s dog. Bill’s dog is not named in MP’s snippet, but at Jay’s blog, Bailey’s Buddy, we learn that Bill’s dog is named Snoopy. So it is Snoopy who has gone on to his reward.

  3. Prayers ascending (Snoopy, enjoy your Golden Tail).


    God help me, I’ve begun yet ANOTHER online flirtation. It’s in that scary (and annoying!) “I can’t see any problems yet” phase. ;-/ Please pray for me (and M****), that if heads and/or hearts are lost, it’s only in that GOOD way! 😉

  4. aha, Dah-veed, thanks – I was hurrying to get ready for work and running late as usual, so I didn’t read it properly. Good news about Bailey. Still sad about Snoopy tho. I suppose he is with us no more.

  5. No problem my dear. It is one of the lucky things I guess to live across the hall from the rear door to our offices. I could pop in in my boxers to be on time if need be. Oh wait, I am my own boss, I do not punch a time clock!

  6. lucky things … rear door …pop in in my boxers

    {No, JCF, don’t it! Resist the urge! Resist!}

  7. JCF, I’m only inferring this from what you’ve written, do your online flirtations have a habit of turning out badly? … Is that the reason for your note of concern?

  8. There you go, JCF, that gives you something to aim for – see if you can actually break MP’s computer with the length of your reply.

    Dah-veed – lucky you, being your own boss. Wish I was.

  9. The worst one, Cathy—a grrl who broke my heart—was from MP’s benighted people (Love w/ a Brit? What WAS I thinking?! :-0)

    As it is . . . it’s another lawyer!!! (The 3rd in 8 years—Lord have mercy!) And I was SO hoping for a Doctor this time… ;-/

    I’m far more out-going online, Cathy, than I could ever be (newly-met) in public . . . but the emotional safety the Internet giveth, the intimacy (y’know, of the physical variety?) it taketh away.

    …and that tends to lead (I’ve found) to … Nada (one way or another: mutual boredom, or unilateral break-up).

    [I trust your CPU is still up and running now, Crazy Arse. Someday soon, THRILL us w/ The Story of how you foo—won Missus MP: reassure us that “There’s Someone for Everyone!” ;-p]

  10. hiya JCF, never trust an online flirtation, is my thought on the matter. They end badly. (But you know that.)

    PS. Why lawyers??