In support of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Pastor

Martin Ssempa of Kampala wanted to make a loud and
clear statement that tough penalties are needed against
homosexuals in Uganda. So, he decided to show graphic
images of people having hardcore gay sex (that he had
downloaded off the internet) to an invited audience at a
press conference that included his two sons. Most of the
audience walked out, some of them in tears.

Full story at EXAMINER.COM:

COMMENT: Ah! The old "I downloaded it to see what

we are up against" defence. Pete Townsend used that one
- quite successfully if I remember right.



  1. I find this staggering and nauseating, it is prejudice, humiliation and dehumanisation on a horrible scale, similar to stomach turning stories of racism in the states during the time of segregation. Somehow I find this more appalling than anything I have seen or heard on the news lately. Thank-you for posting it and waking me up to this issue.

  2. 🙂 Interesting thought, if it so easy to heal gay people of homosexual sex then perhaps it is possible to heal straight people of sex too, I think not!!!!!!!

  3. Actually, there is a programme, Lesley. It’s called “marriage.” It doesn’t get rid of it completely, but over time it can help you to cut down quite dramatically.

  4. Is this f@cking for real? (No pun intended)

    And to think: all the “ordination objections” I’ve been to/heard about (per pp. 514, 527, 539 of the ’79 BCP), have only been verbal descriptions of “hardcore gay sex”. What if our homophobic nutcases go multimedia, too? :-0

  5. Now, MP, if you’re going to start parsing “regular” sex versus irregular, then you’re no better than Ssempa. I had hoped for better from you.

  6. I’m sure if he looked hard enough, he found some very interesting and potentially scary gay male porn. However, to leap to the conclusion that the fetishes being marketed to in any of the given videos reflects what it is to be gay is ludicrous.

    There are plenty of unique and different heterosexual pornography out there – does that tell us what life is like in the world?

    Of course, this is the same man who kept pestering Americans on how he might get from the land of black and white and sepia over the rainbow to that wonderful land of technicolor – he particularly liked the little people and would like to live in the green city now that the wicked witch was dead…

  7. I notice that the article in the Examiner says:

    What is amazing is that Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is still on the table in Uganda, despite international condemnation and Ugandan President Museveni’s recent proclamation that the bill has become a matter of foreign policy, i.e., that foreign investment into Uganda will cease if the bill passes.

    Surely this is some sign of hope, if the international outcry has been such that the country’s president (and his cabinet) are saying it’s not such a great idea?