Tonight we climb aboard the soul train.

For all those who requested it we kick off with The O'Jays
and "Love Train" (a live performance from the Philadelphia
All Stars' "Clean Up The Ghetto" gig).

Then a MadPriest choice. "Come On Train" by Don Thomas
(a track that always got me out on the floor at an allnighter).

Third up is "Destination Anywhere" by The Marvelletes as
requested by The Deacon's Wife.

And, as a special bonus, one of the most requested songs
and on video to boot. Gladys Knight and the Pips
performing "Midnight Train To Georgia" on Top Of The Pops
back in 1976. I remember watching this at the time and
being absolutely bowled over how Gladys outperformed
every other act I'd ever seen on that programme, simply
by moving a few muscles in her face and jiggling a bit
from side to side. Gladys is Diva.

British soul fans pretty much all agree that was the finest
moment ever on British TV and one of Gladys Knight's
greatest performances. Go on, admit it, we're right,
aren't we?

By the way, can anybody tell me why there were never
any white people in the audience on Soul Train?



  1. Soul Train was the all Black ‘American Bandstand.’ It was an opportunity that was grabbed by the producers and the “dj.” There weren’t any white acts either, I don’t believe. One of the last examples of “separate but equal.” OCICBW.

  2. By the 80s there were white people actually dancing on Soul Train. Or, correction: Sooooooooooooul Train! ;-D

  3. OCICBW, but I’m fairly certain 1980s George Michael performed on ST. Pre-getting caught in the Men’s Room, many African-American women considered him “Foyn!” [Toilet-trolling having a remarkable ability to alter opposite-sex attraction. ;-/]

    Of course, Susan S’s disclaimer could be applied to Monsieur Michael as well…