Okay. For Mimi, BooCat, Dah • veed and That Other Jean,
here's the Chattanooga Choo Choo (original recording and
off a really brilliant Japanese pressing - dig the sound
quality, man).

Mimi writes:

Seriously, "Chattanooga Choo-choo", because it's a great old
song. The Glenn Miller version is very good. Bill Hailey
recorded the song, and I believe that Doris Day did a not-bad
version. The production number from the old movie musical
"Sun Valley Seranade", in which the song was introduced, was
terrific. Of course, it's very US, which may prejudice you
against my choice.

Gene Wilder paid homage to the song in "Young Frankenstein"
with dialogue that goes something like this:

Is this the Transylvania Station?
and gets Yah, yah, track twenty-nine...

And there's even a shoe shine boy in the scene.

BooCat writes:

I nominate Chattanooga Choo Choo, because it is the
first train song I can remember. I heard it as a baby in
my crib on an old wooden Philco that I wish we still had.
We gave it away at some point when an AR-FM tuner
and hi-fi component system came into the family. Too
bad, I cannot even imagine what it would be worth now.

Then we have Grandmère Mimi's main request. I kid not.
I am not winding her up. And I will award 100 days off
purgatory for the first person to tell me who is performing it.

Chug chug, poo! poo! Off they go!



  1. :listens to first track:

    Oh come on…please, someone…gotta dance…foxtrot? lindy hop? jitterbug, anyone?

    Great Mother of God, this is the *greatest stuff* set to recorded media.

  2. The Chattanooga Choo Choo is a Glenn Miller arrangement, but I have no earthly idea if it is Glenn Miller or not. The Down by the Station, could be Bing Crosby, but sounds a bit like Soupy Sales, too.
    I am probably off, all the way round.

  3. Have fond memories of the view of Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain [On the other side of the Tennessee/Georgia line. Ah, the legacy of having been married to a Tennessean (as a ‘Pisky, we also visited Sewanee)].


    “All Satin and Lace”: I can’t help but wonder if “Funny Face” grew up to be Chattanooga’s Top Whore! ;-X


    Altoona’s “World Famous Horseshoe Curve”! 😀 Been on that a bunch of times, too! (Lived nearby in Huntingdon, PA for a while)

    Great mix, MP.

  4. Have no idea who is singing in either song except to stay that doesn’t sound like Raffi in “Down By the Station,” which I used to sing as a child.

    Love this version of the “Chat. Choo Choo”! Be sure you tell us so I can track down a copy.

    My favorite Glenn Miller song is “Volga Boatmen,” especially the part which sounds like the start of a fugue. I heard that when I was a kid and fell in love. And then when I heard Ellington’s “Black and Tan Fantasy” I knew why I liked the big bands.