Great news, everybody. It wasn't just wind - she was pregnant.

Posted by Tim at TO SEE AND TO FOLLOW:

The Stork has landed...

Noah Taliesin Chesterton was born at about 10.00 a.m. Thursday January 21st. He weighed in at 9 lbs 14 oz.

Mom (Sarah) and baby are both well.

Thanks for all your prayers.



I got word that my father died early this morning.

Please, please go and read Doxy's post on her own blog. Please.


Posted by Cecilia at (UN)CLOSETED PASTOR:

My back is out.

Here's how it happened.

Fast forward to last Saturday. I am wearing my clogs, carrying a big pot of chili to a church supper. It's a little slippery out. I under pronate, and I twist my ankle.

By Sunday morning my ankle really hurts. Tuesday. My back starts to feel funny. I've been favoring my right ankle, so my back ends up going badly out of alignment.

I'm toughing it out. Yesterday I tried to lie down on the couch in my office, but I realized I needed a different book (I'm trying to prepare for my sermon). I tried to get up, and then I went into such a spasm I thought, Oh my Baby Jesus, lying in his Graco playpen and chewing his little divine/human toes, do I need to call an ambulance???

I managed to get up. And home. Where I lay on the couch until Beloved brought me dinner. I groused and complained and generally made a nuisance of myself until she said, GO TO THE DOCTOR. So. Today I will do that.



TG Woman Murdered in the Montrose

Does anyone know a a transgender woman named Myra Ical… around 50 years old? If so, please call the Transgender Center number at 713-520-8586. Any information you have about Myra can be very helpful!

Myra was murdered just off of Richmond on the 4300 block of Garrot in the Montrose area. She went down fighting; she had a lot of bruising and defensive wounds when her body was found around 2 PM on Monday the 18th. Her legal name was Ruben Dario Ical.

She was last seen in a black blouse, black jeans and a black sweater. Her body was found partially clothed.

As of right now, HPD has ZERO leads. Any information could be useful at this point! Please forward this information far and wide. It is important that we break the chain of unsolved transgender murders in Houston.

Please call: 713-520-8586
Thank you,
Cristan Williams


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

The following people were murdered this week in the New Orleans Metro area:

1/13 Tyrone Turner, 50, Male, Shot, Orleans
1/15 Cyril Watlington, 21, Male, Shot, Orleans
1/16 José Sanchez, 22, Male, Shot, Orleans

Please pray for the victims, their families, and their murderers.



I had a small disappointment in that a meeting with a DDO was not going to happen as early as anticipated. The delay in seeing a DDO, effected me more than I had thought and I had a few hours of self doubt and human weakness, wondering whether it was just me, and was I really upto the role and this was perhaps a subtle way of letting me down gently. However, after some reflection (and chats and communications with others) I saw that I was really over reacting and had forgotton the key thing - where is God in this, and what is his will? I forgot momentarily I suppose that he knows what he wishes me to do, but will only let me know when he feels I am ready. I can feel as ready as I like, but until He is ready, it is for nothing.


Posted by Joelle at SKATING IN THE GARDEN:

I went to the eye doctor today. I have always been VERY nearsighted. Like I cannot get up and go to the bathroom without my glasses. And then when I was in my 40s I couldn't see up close either. That seemed really unfair to me. I took having to get bifocals very hard.

It seemed like both the nearsightedness and the up close problems had gotten a LOT worse in the last few months. So I'm expecting a new prescription and everything will be fine. Instead the doc says about the near sightedness "I'm afraid we can't improve that anymore." WHAT? And the up close was only a tiny improvement. "Oh" she says cheerfully, "You have some cateracts in both your eyes. That's normal with aging. It will cloud your vision a bit. We don't have to do anything about it yet."

Yes I know I have to put it all in perspective. I can still see. I can drive. And I am grateful that when the time comes, I will be able to have surgury to remove the cateracts. It's just that my arthritis is coming back in my knee and it's not only painful to walk, it's painful to skate which really is worse. And I was so sure they could get my eyesight back to normal. What I fear I am seeing clearly is my future and I don't like it.


Father Kenny is having a simply awful time with the move to his new rectory. It's a nightmare.

Read about it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
But, on a similar problem we do have some good news:

Dear Jonathan,

Please forgive me for taking so long to give you an update but I wanted to wait until things were fairly definite. There were some leaks in the pipes. But unless there are more leaks underground we don't know about my husband was able to fix them all. Thank God, and thank you so much for all of your prayers and good wishes. This is the best internet community out there.


Saint Vincent of Saragossa.

Deacon and martyr c.304.

Patron saint of
drunkards and winegrowers.

Pray for us.


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  1. Thank you, MP. My dad would have loved you–he was not a religious man, but he would greatly have appreciated your way of looking at the world. He would also have found a way to con you into buying him a pint (or two), but you would have felt like you got your money’s worth, I’m sure.

    And thanks for the good news about Sarah, Lynn, and baby Noah. That was a very good start to my day. May God bless the whole clan!

    Prayers for all those who are listed here, and for those whose needs are known only to God.

  2. “Especially in Burgundy, Vincent is taken as the patron saint of vinedressers. Many have thought that was because his name suggested the French word for wine (vin), but, in fact, it came from a belief that a lack of frost on St. Vincent’s January feast day was an indication of a good vintage for the year.”

    And I love the following vineyard story, too:

    “There is a legend among French wine-makers that one day St. Martin (of Tours) rode his donkey out to one of the remote vineyards belonging to his monastery. He tied his donkey to a grape vine and completed his business. But when he was ready to return, he found that his donkey had eaten the vines down the very stubs. He was very contrite . But, the next spring the monks found that the vines that had been chewed off by Martin’s donkey bore more healthy shoots and a greater yield of fine grapes than all the other vines. They learned from that, and, ever since, grape vines have been drastically pruned every fall to produce the finest grapes.”

    from my new book on lives of the saints: “Stars in a Dark World”

  3. Prayers ascending (may your father RIP/RIG, Doxy).

    Ooh, I have a new favorite patron saint! (Seconding a request for the book Padre J-J)