From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

More than 200,000 Swedes joined a Facebook group claiming to be collecting donations to help earthquake victims in Haiti. Initially named "2kr per medlem till jordbävningsoffren i Haiti" (‘2 kronor per member to earthquake victims in Haiti’), the group promised to send 2 kronor ($0.30) per member when the group reached 200,000 members. However, charity-minded Swedes who joined the group thinking they were helping earthquake received quite a shock when the 200,000-member milestone was reached and it was revealed that the Facebook group had been created by a made-up group calling itself the Swedish Necrophilia Association .

“As many already know, it is the Swedish Necrophilia Association which is now sending 500,000 kronor to ensure that the bodies which are brought home from Haiti are in as good shape as possible,” read the group’s Facebook page.

The page also included many disturbing photos, as well as additional text in which the group described the types of bodies its members wanted to have sex with.

In an email to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper, one of the founders of the fake Facebook group explained that the hoax was “to get a good laugh and teach people about critically reviewing their sources”.

COMMENT: I am uneasy at the thought of censoring humour. However, this hoax is not just a spoken or written joke, it is a practical joke and, as such, involves people, not connected to the joke, in the action of the ruse. Jokes are often insulting and that you may be the butt of a joke is something that people who value the freedom of speech put up with. But there is a big difference between being insulted and being conned. An insult is, at least, given openly. A con is dishonest. If this artifice had involved money being handed over by the duped victims it would have been a crime and, from a Christian point of view where intention is taken into account, this "joke" is just as morally repugnant. Bunch of sickos.



  1. I would be fairly pissed off if I’d signed up for this. Yes, people should “critically review their sources”, but responding quickly and generously to the Haiti thing isn’t about gullibility, it’s about compassion.