Wayne County first came to work in England in 1971 when she starred in Warhol's play, "Pork," which was a major influence on serious glam rockers like David Bowie. I was, of course, far too young at the time to notice. She returned in 1977, when I was down in London, and lived here for a couple of years. I don't know if she intended to or not but the rumour was that she was gigging flat out to get the money together for reassignment surgery (or a sex change as we used to call it back then). But she never did get around to it. Whatever, she was one hard working lady. She was always on stage somewhere. Quite often supporting big American bands, like The Ramones, when they came over and the rest of the time dragging The Electric Chairs round every provincial rock dive she could get to book them. I must have seen her at least half a dozen times and I didn't go out of my way to. She was a bit too rock and roll for me. Very much in the style of The New York Dolls and just not punk enough for my musical tastes.

The last time I saw her (I think it was at the cricket ground in Northampton) she was called Jayne and she looked like shit. But then, I think she'd just had a nose job. So, when I came across this video on YouTube, of a New York gig with The Fast, recorded shortly after the Northampton concert, I was happy to see her looking so good. She's put a lot of weight on since then - but then so have we all.



  1. I was at that gig. I remember him facing down these hecklers at the front of the stage – very impressive. I think he threw one of them off.

  2. No, I am talking about the gig at Northampton Cricket Club.I was, and still am, a soul music fanatic but had heard that they were brilliant live. I can’t remember if she was Wayne or Jayne but I remember this tall transvestite fronting a backing band who looked like a bunch of New York cops gone weird.My memories of the night are a bit vague but I’d never seen anything like it before.Definitely a star.

  3. Probably not. I’m Glyn and come from north Wales. I’d been living in Northampton for a few years. Almost everybody I knew came from outside Northampton. I was sharing a house with a pal from Wales and two Geordies.It wasn’t you who got thrown off the stage, was it?

  4. No, not me, Glyn. I was part of the Rushden Soul Posse who often ended up at punk gigs because there wasn’t much to do in Northamptonshire back then. You got your entertainment where you could.