Anybody who has not seen the film, "Children Of Men" should watch it tonight on ITV 1 at 10.15 p.m.

Not only is it an absolutely brilliant film but it is full of in your face Christian symbolism woven into the plot with a craftsmanship I haven't seen since "The Exorcist" first hit our cinema screens.



  1. A superb film…..not “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” of course, but a very thoughtful and well-done work. The simulated combat scenes are the best I’ve seen since “Dr. Strangelove.” Definitely a film to see, but it’s not light, bright, and moving on…..

  2. Now, you’re assuming I’m a cultured, book reading type of person, Tim. Which is a mistake. Although I have heard of P.D. James and I expect Mrs MadPriest has read her books. Is she the lady who’s involved in The Prayer Book Society?

  3. MP, I have seen the film (and in fact it’s on the TV as we speak, though just in the background while I look at the internet in order to avoid working on the article I should be writing). Can you say a bit more about the Christian symbolism in it? … As you see it??

  4. … are you seeing the birth of the child as like the birth of Jesus? … And Clive Owen and the mother as Joseph and Mary figures? Just curious. The music certainly suggests the sacred.

  5. Hmm. I read the book some time ago and was very impressed. (I’m quite a P.D. James fan and this was most unusual for her. But all her books display a lot of theological sophistication.) I’ll try to make an effort to see the movie.

  6. I actually enjoyed the film more than the book and highly recommend it. It is quite powerful and exeedingly well done.

    If you live in the US, it is worth your time to rent/netflix it.