Two reasons for thanksgiving today, even if it is still with fingers crossed.

Please add your own prayer requests in the comments.


My brother's surgery on Wednesday went well. Surgeons repaired his left wrist and amputated his right leg. They were able to save the knee, which will help with the prosthesis. However he is not coming out of the sedation or breathing entirely on his own. The doctors will try to wean him off the drugs and the breathing tube over the weekend. Thank you for your continued prayers.


From JIMB:

THURSDAY: Sam has become our 'parish dog.' He is a rescued lab and an amazingly gentle and well behaved dog. His cancer surgery is tomorrow and our rector is very concerned about him. If the cancer is too bad, he simply won't wake up. Please pray for Sam, his surgeons and Rev. Terri.

SATURDAY: He came through the surgery well and is home with Rev. Terri.


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