1. Former President Clinton was already deeply involved in Haiti before the earthquake because he is the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti and was involved in continued redevelopment after the previous devastating hurricane season of 2008.

    I am not throwing a wet blanket on your humor because believe me I get it. And I laughed when I got your funny headline. But this is the same thing that Bush did when he recruited his dad and former President Clinton to raise money for New Orleans. It makes it so that folks from the two main US political parties each have their guy raising money.

    Besides, Clinton is an idiot who could not keep his dick in his pants, but for the most part, he was a fairly good president.

  2. Well, Dah.veed, in this instance, Bush the younger is the idiot, and as far as I can see, a dead weight. The first thing he should do of course would be to denounce Flush Dimbulb for his reprehensible remarks following the earthquake and our efforts as a nation to lend aid, but that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. When it comes to disaster relief former-president Bush has a track record of coming much too slowly.

    Clinton’s reputation is otherwise.

  4. Paul (A.): Let’s hope that maybe Clinton will show Bush43 how to do it better.

    If he gets around to denouncing Flush Dimbulb, perhaps he could include Osama pat Robertson too. (Why would the devil want to make a pact with the Haitians when he already has Robertson in his pocket?)