The Reverend Canon Dr Alison Peden, has failed in her bid to become Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway in the Scottish Episcopal Church. The job went to the local candidate, Dr Gregor Duncan, rector of St Ninian's Church, Pollokshields, Glasgow, and dean of the Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway. The third candidate was Dr John Applegate, an "academic."

Left to right: Applegate, Duncan, Peden.

COMMENT: This would not have been a diplomatic decision as the Scots just don't care about such things. If there was politics involved it would have been at an inter-diocesan level as Canon Peden is a big noise in the St. Andrew's diocese, whilst Dr Duncan is a big noise on the home team.

But, respect due to Alison. Being the first is never easy. If she had got the job she would have been assailed by malicious mutterings that she was only chosen because she was a woman. Because she hasn't succeeded, as a high profile failure, she will find it difficult to get shortlisted for future episcopal posts. But the Primus, the Bishop of her diocese, is a good bloke (he's just done an excellent interview on the BBC - very confident, non-apologetic and in control) and a mate of hers, so she will be supported and encouraged.

Personally, from the photographs alone, I'd have gone for Dr. Applegate. The other two have a hungry look about them, if you get my drift.



  1. Do we really need another Bishop Duncan in the church? We have one in TEC and one floating around in the WWAC, always talking about having been invited to tea at Lambeth Palace whilst Our +Gene wasn’t invited to Lambeth Conference.

  2. I agree, Lisbeth. And, what is more, I wouldn’t put it passed the Scots to have chosen this bloke just to confuse the rest of us. One thing is for certain, it’s going to confuse the Grand Tufti something rotten. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Dr Gregor Duncan gets an invitation to join the Anglican Communion within the month.

  3. At least this chap now can try to clean up the reputation of the name. And for the rest of us if he turns out to be a decent human being we now have a shot at, “Why one of my best friends….” 🙂


  4. At least now that the vote is over, the folks of the diocese of Glasgow and Galloway know for certain who is their new bishop. Under the SEC system the SEC College of Bishops and the wider church had already given their assent to all the candidates whose names are put to the diocese for the vote. So there is no sitting on pins and needles awaiting an assent process from bishops with jurisdictions and standing committees.

    The shame is that the Scottish College of Bishops has kowtowed to the Archbishop of Canterbury and has acquiesced to the moratorium, so there will be no gay or lesbian folks living in a same sex relationship whose name ever gets approved, placed on the list of candidates and proceed to the vote.

  5. Strictly from a cosmetic point of view, I think the real Scotsman named Duncan has much kinder looking eyebrows. Yes, I am shallow.