It has emerged that the gay hating politician, Iris Robinson, has had a promiscuous manner of life far longer than was originally believed. From "converting" a bereaved teenager and casual sex to obviously having no commitment to life long monogamy, she has done everything she accused gay people of doing. Talk about projection! No wonder she's a fundie protestant. The idea of Jesus dying for her sins must really appeal to her.


The Rev Ian Paisley is "beyond fury" following revelations about the behaviour of Peter and Iris Robinson, sources have told the Sunday Tribune. The former DUP leader is deeply saddened by fears that the party he founded, and led for 37 years, could face heavy electoral losses if urgent action isn't taken. It is understood that Paisley, as a family man, is appalled that Iris Robinson had an affair with a teenager she had known from the age of nine and who was in an emotionally vulnerable position following his father's death.

Meanwhile, it emerged this weekend that Iris Robinson also had an affair with 19-year-old Kirk McCambley's father, a butcher who died from cancer. She had another affair with a fellow DUP member in the 1980s which was witnessed by the security forces.

COMMENT: "Witnessed by the security forces?"
Crikey! The hussie was into dogging as well!

Thanks to Paul(A) for sending this report into MadPriest Towers.

But this "one rule for you one rule for me" (hat tip to e new mate of mine) situation seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Check out the double standards in this report from THE EDGE (BOSTON):

The ex-wife of former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, who resigned office in 2004 after announcing that he was a "gay American," has now come out against marriage rights for same-sex families.

"I was raised a Catholic," Dina Matos told the media. "I grew up in the church, so I believe in traditional marriage between a man and a woman." Her remarks were quoted in a Jan. 14 Gannett New Jersey article posted at My Central

Matos praised the outcome of a Jan. 7 vote in which New Jersey lawmakers killed a bill that would have extended marriage equality to Garden State gay and lesbian families.

Matos claims that she knew nothing about her husband’s true sexuality until McGreevey confessed to having an affair with a male staffer. However, accounts disclosed to the media by a former employee of McGreevey’s, Ted Petersen, suggested otherwise: Pedersen said that he used to join the couple for three-way sex. The sessions, which the trio reportedly referred to as "Friday Night Specials," began in 1999, Pedersen said, when he was about 20, and before McGreevey and Matos were wed. The encounters continued after the couple had married, Pedersen said, finally ending in 2001, after McGreevey won the governorship of New Jersey. Pederson said, "It did enhance their sexual relationship having me be a part of it."

Pedersen also said that he had provided a sworn deposition about his sexual relationship with the couple. McGreevey confirmed Pedersen’s account, but Matos denied it.

COMMENT: Good catholic? Three in a bed? My goodness, the Roman doctrine of the Trinity is obviously very different to the unswinging Anglican version.



  1. So Iris has an affair with Daddy and, when Daddy dies, she has an affair with Sonny? Freud would have field day with that one!

  2. I count Jim McGreevey as a friend. A good friend. Unlike so many who are in the closet or who espouse “family values” only to use it as a weapon against LGBT people, he was a friend of the LGBT community while he was governor and before he came out.

    Before anyone does it, let’s be careful not to paint every hypocrite with the same tar brush, tempting as it may be to do so.

  3. As far as I’m aware, Mr McGreevey may have done stuff in the past that I would regard as immoral (and so have I by the way), I have not come across anything that would make him a hypocrite. His ex-wife, on the other hand, who obviously enjoyed herself as much as he did, is a different matter.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with people enjoying themselves, especially in the privacy of their bedroom (wink wink, Iris) as long as they don’t wish to take away the same right from others.

    Now what would you think of someone who wants to have their own delicious fun (even something that differs a bit from the ‘average’)and then pretends that they are outraged that others might do things a little differently as well?

  5. There once was a pollie named Iris
    (By golly in a threesome she was tireless)
    Out in public, so demure
    Homosexuals? She could cure!
    But no cure for her nasty hate virus.