1. Sadly he’s a shrewd business man – we forget that the entertainment media in this country does not lead the people, but rather follows the people. It is a money making enterprise and he is giving a particular segment of the population exactly the red meat they crave…very very sad state of affairs.

  2. Yes, but we also have a U.S. Senator (the junior Senator from Minnesota, the Honorable Al Franken) who had a best-seller about 10 years ago w/ Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot.

  3. Be sure to check (for embed purposes) tomorrow, MP.

    Jon Stewart ripped BOTH Rush and Pat R new ones tonight, doing so from a {get this!} Biblical perspective that NEITHER of them could touch.

  4. Brilliant splicing of music and text, MP.

    And JCF, thanks for the heads up on last night’s Daily Show. John Stewart was brilliant.

  5. You know Rush was recently in hospital, for unknown reasons. My diagnosis was that his head was up his arse and they were trying to figure out a way to remove it. Apparently they were unsuccessful.