EVIL INCARNATE — 31 Comments

  1. “And the devil said, ‘O.K. It’s a deal’.”

    No. The devil is not an American! Surely Pat, the devil said, “Vell you know zats a lot to ask, but I zink I cans help.”

  2. Napoleon III tried to make Mexico a client state: failed. Napoleon I tried to take Haiti back: failed.
    This man’s history is nearly as grotesque as his theology.

  3. And it took God a minimum of 205 years to get around to punishing the Haitians for their “pact”?


    According to that reasoning, Germany is due for a HUGE smackdown in the year 2140.

  4. Pat the Crazy said: “They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever.”

    He can’t even get his history straight! Napoleon the Third was born in 1808; the Haitian Revolution ended in 1804. What a dumbass.

  5. Cut him some slack. I’m not convinced he’s really alive, and suspect that there actually is a puppet master behind him, blowin’ gas out of his ass.

  6. Why should we doubt what Pat has to say? Clearly he was an eyewitness to this “pact”, since he would never bear false witness, would he?

    KJ may well be right, however, in which case we know who the puppetmaster may be.

  7. Two more scary facts: his dad was a US Senator who said “I’d like to help the Negroes, but the Bible says I can’t”. And Pat Robertson’s parents were first cousins.

  8. can we try him for crimes against humanity?

    Maybe. But only if he is human and a good lawyer could probably get him off on that technicality quite easily.

  9. KJ, your theory is the best I’ve ever heard about Pat Robertson!

    Dear Deity,

    Why is the planet still being graced by the emanations spewed from this man?

    In sincere confusion,
    All of humanity

  10. Pat Robertson’s just pissed because Haiti began in a SUCCESSFUL slave revolt in 1791.

    You know, it’s in the Bible, Book of Genesis, Children of Ham, and all that…

  11. I do not understand why Pat Robertson is given a wide audience. Even NPR broadcasted his evil words. I think he should not be granted a free wide audience. We already now what he says in such situations. Prayers for the people of Haiti.

  12. RE: “(Pat’s) dad was a US Senator who said ‘I’d like to help the Negroes, but the Bible says I can’t.'”

    That explains the racism in his comment then, doesn’t it?

    Tracie the Red

  13. What a sick, sick deity Pat espouses. It’s so-called Christians like him that make it hard for the rest of us Christians to be taken seriously.

  14. The man is one of Satan’s own tools, pretending to be an angel of light to poor, ignorant believers whom he regularly leads astray with messages that did not come from God. Which is, being interpreted, the nutter’s fecking evil. That he and Dick Cheney still roam the earth leaving slime trails is a far more potent argument against the existence of God than anything Dicky Dorkins can come up with.

  15. Does anyone take him seriously or is he seen as a comic figure?

    Brilliant response by the Haitian Ambassador on Rachel Maddox, pointing out that America benefitted hugely from the Haitian freedom fights by, say, buying a couple of States for 3 cents an acre.

  16. Good morning, folks. Here’s something from my blogs:

    If you would like to make a donation to help the people of Haiti right now and you want to be sure that it is used appropriately, may I recommend Episcopal Relief and Development. Don’t worry; they don’t proselytize. This organization (which used to be called The Presiding Bishop’s Fund for World Relief) has a long track record of excellent and focused work during disasters and other situations of great need. It is very easy to donate on their website and you can earmark your contribution specifically to help the people of Haiti.

    Unlike organizations (such as the Red Cross) who are specifically focused on the emergency itself, ERD sticks around after the immediate disaster needs and helps the people rebuild.

  17. Luckily for Pat, most of his devout followers believe in his authenticity, and so, won’t bother to fact check out their master’s drivel…ASSHAT.

  18. Sure, there are thousands who believe him-how else do you think he manages to live like a Renaissance cardinal?

  19. When the christen right says Christ has become a dirty word in main stream American media,I have a clear answer as to why.

  20. But no, what am I saying? None of the artistic taste of the Renaissance cardinals: more like overblown trailer park/pseudo “Founding Fathers” compound.