1. Oh dear, that boy does honestly look like he’s thinking, “Is this really how grown men dress? I don’t have to do this when I grow up, do I?”

  2. There’s a lot I could caption it with, given the elements of:

    Priests of a sexually repressed and repressive religion surrounding a young boy in a wet suit, who looks like he would like to be somewhere else, while our own Albus Dumbleass looks on –

    . . but none of it should be said publicly.

    Might be true!

  3. ABC: Where did the boy come from? How did they get one?

    Boy: I think I like the next vestments better. Wonder if I can move and not be noticed.

  4. “When this is over, I’m gonna ask Mum why she told me to go in and get the cross for those over-dressed hairy blokes.”

  5. “Mother Russia”?
    Is this why he took all those weeks off to read Dostoyevsky?