1. Bailey’s Buddy presents not only the best joke of the day, but the best joke of the year so far.

    I’m surprised that someone from Newcastle would get it.

    Bailey’s Buddy is from Iowa, and in Iowa we understand about Sven and Ole. (Minnesotans tell Iowa jokes in return, but they aren’t very funny.)

    Meanwhile, pray for Haiti. Check in with the Lead in Episcopal Cafe for current news. It’s staggeringly bad. Make a contribution to Episcopal Relief and Development.

  2. WSJM
    I live in Newcastle. Not only am I surrounded by descendants of the Vikings, but they still get on the ferry over here every weekend to do their shopping because everything is so much cheaper here than in Scandinavia. If it wasn’t for the North Sea I could probably drive to Sweden quicker than you could cross your state.

  3. I apologize, MP! I didn’t realize you got weekend shopping expeditions from Sven and Ole’s cousins! Well then, you might get this joke after all! (Although actually, I think all of Sven and Ole’s families emigrated to Minnesota over a century ago.)

    Northern Minnesota is still closer to Iowa City than Oslo is to Newcastle (as the crow flies), but not by a whole lot.

    Continue to pray for Haiti.