Could you all please pray for Mrs. H.? She's having a really tough bout with depression at the moment and I am worried. Thank you.


Posted by Allie at THE CONFORMIST REBEL:

I had a fun evening Saturday, I went to a roller skating party for someone in her late 20s. Managed to fall 4 times in the same way. My arm hurt a bit, but I didn't think too much of it. It continued to hurt, and today I went to an orthopedist. It's fractured. I don't need a cast, but I do need to be careful. It was otherwise a lot of fun, even though I haven't skated since I was 10.



29th. December 2009: Early tomorrow morning, our dog Soul will have a tumor removed and sent for analysis. Please pray for Soul. He is a good dog and he's only 8.

11th. January 2010: Soul's tumor was cancer. The margins were clean. If it was the only one, he will be OK. If there are others we haven't found yet, he won't be.

Really, I don't know anything today that I didn't know yesterday, or anything I didn't know before we found the lump. I knew that all lives end, and that the lives of dogs are shorter than those of humans. I knew I'd most likely outlive Soul. What I know today is a little more about how he might die, and that it may be even sooner than I thought. It's surprisingly hard to take.


Posted by Grandmère Mimi at WOUND UP BIRD:

From Sue: Myron is being discharged from Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital on Thursday January 14Th. He has been making really stellar progress with his PT. His speech and his mental acuity is clearer. The feeding tube was removed today, so he is putting on weight. Visiting nurses will come to the house on Friday to assess his needs, and arrange for PT and OT, speech and cognitive therapists. There may be a personal aide also. So most of his care will be done at home for now.

Maryann, my sister-in-law is so excited and a little nervous too. He has made such great strides since August 20Th when the accident occured.

Also a big "Thanks be to God" for restoring Mimi's sight after her cataract operation the other month and the perfection of her new glasses. The pedestrians of Thibodaux will certainly be Praise the Lording now that the threat of sudden death by motor vehicle has been removed from their lives.



From Susankay: Regarding earlier prayer for my Deacon, Ginnie, and her husband, Don, who was dealing with lymphoma spread to his lungs: Don has returned from the hospital to hospice at home. Bring strength and healing to him and Ginnie as they say goodbye for now.


Prayers for MadPriest, please, who received yet another rejection letter yesterday having yet again failed to even get onto the short list for the post.


Please pray, most wholeheartedly for the people trying top overturn the hateful Prop 8 law in California through the courts at this time.

Saints Aelred and
Benedict Biscop
pray for us.


THE PRAYER LIST — 10 Comments

  1. Dear, dear friends. Please pray for me and for a young woman named Melody. I’m about to go visit her. She tried to commit suicide night before last with an overdose of something.

    I saw her briefly for a few indivdual sessions about a year ago and then she pretty much disappeared. One of her friends contacted me yesterday about what had happened. She’s in hospital now (fortunately) but I think they’re going to discharge her some time today (big mistake, in my opinion).

  2. Prayers for all mentioned here.


    [Sorry if that’s too soppy for a proper Englishman, but you can translate it into something more comfortable.]

  3. I blogged about St. Aelred today and it does feel like he is blessing people now. I love his writings on friendship: “God is friendship… He who abides in friendship abides in God, and God in him.” May God be with you all in your time of need.

  4. Prayers — and thank you for the prayers for Don and Ginnie.

    MP — rejection upon rejection really sucks and is a commentary on how very STUPID some people are.