From "Ten Resolutions of a New Feminist Woman" by Marjorie Campbell. This article, along with "Ten Resolutions of a New Feminist Man" by Henry Karlson, is posted at INSIDE CATHOLIC.

... as Elizabeth Fox-Genovese puts it in Women in Christ,

... the strategies of old feminism have seriously undermined essential features of our culture and moral life, notably our ability to value and nurture human life in all its diversity . . . our willingness to honor any form of natural or divine authority . . . and our ability always to see other persons as ends in themselves, never means to another end.

Some may already be thinking, "Feminism ruined the culture. So why keep pushing a 'new' feminism?'' But I suggest that we quit quibbling over the word "feminism" during 2010, and instead strive to learn what this new movement means and what it demands of us to effect a true "culture of life" and a "new model of the way to be human" (Women in Christ). We all stand to gain, because New Feminism offers hope to a broken humanity -- male and female alike.

I offer ten resolutions for 2010 to further the New Feminism...:

1. No excuses. I will not compromise my relationship with Christ this year, not even to host dinner for the eight visiting businessmen who, my husband says, "love pasta, bread and red wine. Please honey?" I will prep the meal, but go to Perpetual Adoration anyway.

2. Primary prayer. I will use prayer as a primary tool to expand New Feminism and seek the conversion of a particular radical feminist I have in mind. I will pray for her daily. I will read her online writings all year, no matter how ill they make me -- and I will respond if it is God's will to give me charitable words.

3. Honor my husband. I will not stay up and write past 3:00 a.m. more than once a week -- and I will try to do so only when my husband is away. He is my first and greatest gift; I ought to spend the night with him, not this keyboard.

4. Pornography patrol. I will scan our home computers for pornography. I will delete immoral material and initiate the painful, patient process of correction. If I find no pornography, I will tell my sons how proud I am that God has a "pornography free" home in San Francisco.

5 6 7...

8. Connect with compassion. I will maintain calm with each young woman who confides to me her experiences with contraception, sexual promiscuity, and abortion. I will offer the same to each young man who confides his frustration in finding a young woman "without sexual baggage" and his consumption of pornography...

9. Children first. I will, in word and deed, put the well-being of children foremost. I will remember my primary role as nurturer and teacher, even when I would like to lock my sons in their respective closets.

10. I will espouse no theory of New Feminism unattached from the reality in which women live, love, and struggle to develop in their God-given fullness, alongside the men who support them in a determination to represent God's love through our gender differences.




  1. “There’s none so blind as they that won’t see.” – Jonathan Swift

    . . . although I think the animal pictured is either a bull or a steer, but I get your point.

  2. a determination to represent God’s love through our gender differences

    And for those of us who differ from Missus Campbell’s “New Feminism” (neither…nor…) by having insufficient “gender difference” (i.e., by being gendeer-queer)?

    I guess I better pack my unloved, Freaky Self down-the-road, eh? :-/

  3. I would have said nothing, but when you said it was a bull, I just had to speak up. I was raised on a farm. I know teh cattle and their sexes! To follow along with your inclusive comment, I would say that it’s a heifer who really really wants a bull, and that should be fine with you, too. Of course it’s not as funny, but hey!

  4. I was happy with it being a cow. But Alison came along and insisted it was a bull. Then you reassigned it’s gender again. This poor bisexual bovine is going to end up not knowing what it is.

  5. Based on my experience as a farm kid,I have to agree with susan s. here. This creature has no visible parts and a narrow hip set. It’s a heifer.

    Oh, and to summarize the New Feminist man-rules: think good thoughts and wait for her to bring you a beer.

  6. The New Feminist man-rules and our discussion of heifers bring the last page of Tristram Shandy to mind, with one major difference:

    L–d! said my mother, what is all this story about?

    A Cock and a Bull, said Yorick–And one of the worst of its kind I ever heard.


  7. You can see her point – she tries to dig us all out of our self imposed morass and what do we do? Discuss the sex organs of a bovine. I feel so guilty and ashamed, I really do.
    She’s totally convinced me. From now on I shall prioritise my husb…. oh, there’s catch!

  8. Damn but people like this woman annoy me. They’ve simply no idea how much work is involved in parodying them at the best of times, and then by going so far as to suggest things like a “Pornography Patrol” they leave one with no room to take things any further.

    I mean really – how do you even begin to satirize something this stupid?

  9. the pic of this poor gay/bisexual cow/bull/heifer/sheep (and whatever it is, it is obviously wishing it hadn’t tried to stick its head where it shouldn’t) reminds me, MP, that I REALLY miss the pics of your dogs (there’s no logical connection here really, it’s just pictures of animals) – I loved St Grendel of the Gravy and the holy blind dog and bishop Lady – is there no room for them anywhere on your newly fangled blog? I used to look at them every day because they would cheer me up.

  10. I’m sorry. I read that article and felt quite depressed. Animals are not expected to ‘think’ so there is more reason to sympathise with the heifer.

  11. Sorry..the when I got to Pornography Patrol, it made me throw up in my mouth a little and I got distracted from the rest of her writing…besides…all I could imagine was my husband and son and daughter trying to sign up to be on it along with me…which could get complicated…

  12. “even when I would like to lock my sons in their respective closets.”

    If any of her sons are in the closet, at least controlling their access to porn with guilt should help…

  13. How depressing, how enraging. And would someone please free the poor bovine from the electrical tower??? I’m worried about her.

  14. thanks JCF … honest MP, anywhere, even small pics, perhaps on Chin Wag even if you feel it’s not in line with the new public blog?? I miss them. Only asking…