Heavens! Drugs, speedboats, documentaries promoting homosexuality – the Reverend Richard Coles' journey to the seminary is enough to make a bishop blush. Now he's safely in the bosom of the Church, shouldn't this former pop star be appearing on 'Thought for the Day' rather than 'Have I Got New For You'? Not a chance...

So begins an excellent article by Peter Stanford at

how being extraordinary should be ordinary in the
Kingdom of God, not something to be fearful of and
hated. Go read! You will not be disappointed.

Mind you, I still think the Communards were crap.


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  1. Is it? … No wonder it’s such a well-kept secret.

    … in my own defence re young Richard, it wasn’t that obvious from the one appearance of his on the telly that I saw. He didn’t flirtatiously tweak Ian Hislop’s nose, like Alan Duncan, for instance.

  2. He didn’t flirtatiously tweak Ian Hislop’s nose

    True. But when the pope was on “Have I Got News For You” he didn’t say mass. That doesn’t make him any less catholic, does it?

  3. Richard should know you can’t atone for the sin of that bloody awful 80’s pop the Communards came out with through good works.

    God still lives him regardless.

  4. That the Pope is Catholic IS debateable. That Rev Richard is gay (both pics here, and the one on the link, plus the bio) is not! ;-/

    He began a theology degree at King’s College, but quickly felt the pull – as do many High Anglicans – of Catholicism. … “I asked myself what’s the point of being a Catholic if not a Roman Catholic and, if I am honest, I loved the novels of Evelyn Waugh and thought there was something rather smart and brilliant about pope-ing.”

    I get this . . . which makes it all the more amazing (sane, but also humbling) choice to come back across the Thames.

    Interesting guy: would like to hear more about him.

  5. They (the Communards)did contain a message of hope for many: you could be gay,Scottish, ginger and cool.
    Well, many’s mebbe pushing it a bit know what I mean!