James Kavanaugh

a man too gentle to live among wolves

may he rest in peace and rise in glory

"I will probably be a searcher until I die and hopefully death itself will only be another adventure. To live any other way seems impossible. If anything has changed over the years, and it has, I only feel more confident now about what I wrote then. I am far more aware of the power that guides each of us along the way, and provides us with the insights and people we need for our journey. There are, indeed, men and women too gentle to live among wolves and only when joined with them will life offer the searcher, step by step, all that is good and beautiful. Life becomes not a confused struggle or pointless pain, but an evolving mosaic masterpiece of the person we were destined to become."
(James Kavanaugh
Preface from "Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves")

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  1.      Thanks for posting this! I read the Times article and decided to order his book There Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves. You can get used copies for $3.00 or so on Amazon. He sounds like a good man.

  2. I was in an RC seminary in San Diego when his book was published. So many of us shared his naivite! The tragedy that is Roman Catholicism in the late 20th/early 21st century rolls on… without a lot of us who held so much hope.
    Lou Poulain
    Sunnyvale CA USA