I don't know, all these respected

clergy persons et al, lying through
their teeth. This is really going to
upset the bishop of Lichfield.



  1. Thanks Father Kevin, thanks Father Mad Priest…thanks to ALL the willing and brave to speak REALITY at CHURCH (instead of playing endless games of deadly political/religious PRETEND…the kind of denial and pretend that smothers hope, truth, integrity and TRUST in the ABC, The Lord of York and The Anglican Communion).

  2. The article is fair enough, but none of this is new news. Every parish, be it urban or rural, has some form of power-play going on in it. Long-established families versus incomers; traditionalists versus innovators; supporters of one cleric against another; PCC members at odds over a situation or decision. This is human nature, and the nature that is eventually redeemed by Christ.

    What is more worrying is the managerial rather than spiritual mind-set of many in positions of eccesiastical authority.

  3. Yes, SR. But in the cities parishioners don’t tend to wear face masks made out of human skin and our gene pool is a lot wider. We should never have banned fox hunting. It was only a matter of time before country folk started setting their dogs on the local priest, in stead.

  4. Ah – that explains the baying of the hounds outside my door each night this winter! And I thought it was my aniseed after-shave.

    Seriously though – I’ve found that a fairly relaxed attitude with a good lacing of humour has helped smooth many a passage – (let the reader understand).

    You see, that’s the trouble. I just can’t be serious for long … and every PCC meeting I take always has a good dose of laughter in it.