Here's some choral music by Duruflé that isn't the Requiem
(although it is from a CD that does contain that work).
It's the Four Quartets and very beautiful they are too.



  1. Lovely! Not used to clicking on music I can listen to here but this is a wonderful way to end the day. Our choir recently sang Ubi Caritas.

  2. Thank you, MP –

    Some of the dearest music to my heart…

    Dearest to any choir singer who’s tasted it.

  3. Now, Dah-veed, you’re being a concrete thinker again. I totally understand flying. Dancing, for me, is flying.

    So now I’ll respond as a concrete thinker. I was making fun of myself. I love loud, hard-dancing music and dancing/flying to it. At core I’m a classicist when it comes to music. I grew up on the classics including opera. Classical music is what kept me connected to God during a string of years when I wanted nothing to do with God or anything about God, including the church. Classical music is the heart of God, in my opinion.

    So is loud, hard-dancing music – like the first of the blog anthems on the sidebar to the right.

    “Rock on!”, saith the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. I’ve finally had the chance to sit down and listen to this, somewhere where workmates etc can’t hear, and it is simply gorgeously beautiful … please can we have more classical MP … puhleez puhleez puhleez

  5. I have to add too, I have a friend who describes himself as an “evangelical atheist” and not only does he refuse to go into churches, for anything, but he totally and absolutely refuses to listen to anything from the Western choral canon – anything – he can occasionally be forced to listen to a bit of Mozart, but that’s all. It’s not that he doesn’t like classical, he just won’t listen to anything that smacks of God. He’s missing out, is all I can say.