The General Synod will debate a private member’s motion next month calling for the Church of England to declare itself “in communion” with the Anglican Church in North America, formed in opposition to the pro-gay liberals in the official Anglican body in North America. The synod, dominated by evangelicals, could pass the motion by a 50 per cent majority, adding to the pressure on the primates and bishops to recognise the new church.

The motion, put down by Lorna Ashworth (photo left), an evangelical from the Chichester diocese, comes after The Episcopal Church in the US elected a lesbian priest, Mary Glasspool, to be a suffragan bishop in the Los Angeles diocese.

Bishop Gregory, one of the architects of the new Anglican Convenant, a new unity document now in its fourth draft, said: “We have succeeded in getting all the primates round the table at primates’ meetings so far,” he said. “I don’t think that would happen again if The Episcopal Church confirms the election of Mary Glasspool.”

The consecration of Canon Glasspool as a bishop would signal that The Episcopal Church (TEC) was not willing to sign up to the covenant.

COMMENT: As you all know, I am always ready to help out with the democratic process, so I have produced a handy leaflet that will be given to every member of synod next month to help them in their task.



  1. I just finished reading Stephen Bates’ A Church At War. (Don’t know what took me so long — it’s about five years old, and so not completely up to date). I’m inching toward the position that I really no longer care what your General Synod, or even the Grand Tufti himself, think of us. (As long as you still love us, MP!)

    (The really offensive thing about Gene Robinson and Mary Glasspool is that they were actually elected to the episcopate by the people of their dioceses….)

  2. Cathy, I was thinking the same thing. I’d bet the farm that she is no stranger to sensible shoes.

  3. I, a straight man with a history, think she’s tragically hot, so your gaydar is probably spot on.

  4. Regarding Lorna Ashworth, what IS going on with her hair? I mean, that’s a mean mop of chaos.

    My gaydar isn’t going off on her at all. She looks straight, not that bright, and probably ill-clad.

  5. All I could think of was “Another Young Homophobe for Christ.” Bet she thinks she’s really speeeecial along with Mrs. Robinson, above.

    I’ve been catching up with the latest threats and you’re right, WSJM, they are getting rather ho-hum after all these years. If the Covenant and this private member’s bill (and we all know which member is being held up here) is the best that the AC and C of E can do to further community, then our time, talent, and treasure would be best spent elsewhere–say, at the grassroots levels helping people who really need us and our protection and support.

    It’s too bad we can’t just lop off the top levels of the AC and continue the productive relationships we have when we are dealing with issues and concerns of real substance rather than continually trying to exert power over whom people choose to love.


  6. …and the fact that her husband’s a priest: maybe they’re (SICK!) bearding each other?

    As for gaydar, I just don’t know: I, for one, could even imagine a penis in her original factory equipment! (Not that there’s anything wrong w/ that—it’s what’s between-her-ears that’s the problem >:-/)