Iris Robinson 2008


In June 2008, shortly after a homophobic attack (involving physical assault) on a gay man in Northern Ireland, she made comments on the BBC Radio Ulster's Stephen Nolan Show offering to recommend homosexuals to psychiatric counselling. While condemning the attack, she claimed that homosexuality was an "abomination" and it made her feel "sick" and "nauseous", and offered to refer homosexuals to a psychiatrist she knew. In a subsequent interview Mrs Robinson defended her views and denied prejudice against LGBT people, saying that "just as a murderer can be redeemed by the blood of Christ, so can a homosexual.... If anyone takes issue, they're taking issue with the word of God".

Robinson again repeated her view in the Northern Ireland Assembly on 30 June 2008 when questioned by Health Minister Michael McGimpsey in a discussion about "LGBT Groups: Mental-Health Needs". Speaking in a Northern Ireland Grand Committee session on Risk Assessment and Management of Sex Offenders, she said: "There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children"

Iris Robinson 2010


The lover of DUP MP Iris Robinson was aged 19 at the time of their affair, the BBC can reveal. She was 59.

Kirk McCambley is now 21. He is the proprietor of the Lock Keepers Inn, a cafe on the banks of the river Lagan in south Belfast.

Mrs Robinson said she had encouraged friends to invest in Mr McCambley's business. Castlereagh Borough Council, on which Mrs Robinson sits, built the visitors centre which houses the cafe.

Further revelations about Mrs Robinson's financial dealings are appearing in a BBC Northern Ireland programme.

I'm shocked, I tell you.
What an abomination!!!



  1. The Iris Robinson statement in full, which apparently came out yesterday is worth looking at, as well.

    It’s all blamed on mental illness:

    “For me, my illness led to severe bouts of depression which altered my mood and personality.

    “I fought with those I love most – my children and friends; saw plots where none existed and conducted myself in a manner which was self-destructive and out of character.

    “During this period of serious mental illness, I lost control of my life and did the worst thing that I have ever done. Over a year and a half ago, I was involved in a relationship. It began completely innocently when I gave support to someone following a family death.

    “I encouraged friends to assist him by providing financial support for a business venture. Regrettably, the relationship later developed into a brief affair. It had no emotional or last meaning but my actions have devastated my life and the lives of those around me.”

  2. Well, I suppose terminal smugness can be called a mental illness.

    I generally hate the dismissive use of ‘bitch’ but if it were not an insult to perfectly decent dogs, I might make an exception.


  3. I really think virulent homophobia always comes from the hidden sexual sins of the conservatives who express it.

  4. *LOL*, Great catch PENolan!

    I was wondering if perhaps Mrs Robinson had offered herself, selflessly, as a “cure” for Mr McCambley? Irish Breakfast Tea & Sympathy?

    Kirk, when you speak of her—and you will—be kind (to her investments). ;-/

  5. What a class act –

    “it had no emotional or last[ing?] meaning” – so you basically just used this young man?

    If the genders were reversed she would likely be going to jail.

  6. Alas that her equally bigoted spouse is still running the show. I doubt that this affair of hers has led either of them into a prolonged period of self-reflection about their assumptions.

  7. Hmmm…a little projection with a side order of reaction formation for anyone? I’m sure a good analyst could have developed some good transference and counter-transference to help her work that all out…

  8. While the revealed hypocrisy is absolutely delicious in its irony, there’s another thing I can’t get out of my head.

    What in the world possessed a 19-yr old to “get all jiggy with” a horrid person* like that ?! The thought makes me absolutely shudder…

    *(and no, I’m not talking about her age or looks)

  9. At first I also wondered how or why – then I read the full story – I believe he essentially prostituted himself…that’s the polite way of putting it. I’ll give you yours if you push my business with your friends…

  10. renzmqt – it isn’t clear from this story who made the first “offer” in this transaction. They both do seem to be getting what they wanted, at least at the time.

  11. I think our Iris suggested a little game to the young man. Let’s call your pee pee “the cafe”. We’ll call my woo woo “the information centre”.

    Now where again did you say you wanted to put your cafe?

  12. Do not forget that she also got close to the young man at a time of loss. Folks, I would say young folks with still developing brains, are especially vulnerable at such times and often mistake one form of relationship for another.

    It is abominable that she has spoken as she has. Trying to dismiss her own culpability and excuse her behavior as a time of mental illness. And completely dismissing the relationship and value of the young man with her harsh words about its meaninglessness.

    She should be prosecuted for any crimes committed and jailed. Do self-important people get jail time in the UK?