I'm not the world's most patriotic person. But
I'm patriotic enough to believe, without a single
reservation, that Elgar wrote the greatest cello
concerto of all time. The first movement is
sublime and the whole thing is probably only
surpassed by Beethoven's violin concerto in my
list of favourite classical works. And for years,
again as a good Brit, I have honestly regarded
Jacqueline and Sir John's EMI recording as
But yesterday I bought a version by THIS young
Hungarian and I was as knocked sideways by his
performance as I was by Du Pre's seminal
recording the first time I heard it. I've listened
to it, all the way through, three times already.
I think it's bloomin' brilliant.
The CD is officially released on 11th. January.
Here's the first movement. Enjoy.



  1. I’m not a big Elgar fan, but this is wonderful. It’s very modern for my taste. Reminds me of Richard Strauss. And the Cellist is very good.
    I just might have to buy this one. . .

  2. Sublime indeed. A wonderful reading. (Who’s the orchestra?) Not sure it tops DuPre/Barbirolli, but it’s right up there. Alas, it doesn’t look like this recording is available This Side Pond yet.

  3. Wow! Maybe when it is officially released on Jan 11, we will be able to get it on This Side of the Pond, WSJM. Hope so.

  4. Finally got the chance to listen properly to this too – fabulous, made chills run over me. Not a big fan of Elgar either, but that’s because the other music of his that I know tends towards what you might call emotional certainties or grand statements, whereas the cello concerto is full of troubled, intense questioning, and uncertainty and anguish. Wonderful, thanks MP