1. Tracie,

    I’ve been wondering about this all along but I know see that the info is now in the sidebar. Scroll down and you will see:

    “There are two types of membership at Chin Wag @ OCICBW… The first is that of READER which allows you to read the posts and comment on them.

    The second is that of AUTHOR which
    gives the READER access plus the
    ability to write, publish and edit your own posts for discussion. Obviously, the latter requires more time and commitment than the former.

    If you would like to be considered for either type of membership please email me and tell me your pseudonym, your blog address (if you have one), your real name, your town/city and county/state (but not street address or postcode/zip).
    And, of course, tell me the type of membership that you are applying for.

    I hope to see you over there.”