From NEXT (Nigeria):

Service was brought to a halt yesterday at the St Paul Anglican Church, Sodubi, Abeokuta when thugs, armed with dangerous weapons, invaded the church because the priest was allegedly being too blunt in his preaching. Some of the words he used were said to have offended some highly placed individuals who attend the church. The offence of the cleric was traced to his sermon on the New Year eve, which a source said was not well received by some church elders. Mr. Ilekoya, at the service, warned political leaders to mend their ways or face the wrath of God. Shortly afterwards, a meeting was held where retaliatory measures were allegedly planned against the priest, to be executed in yesterday's service.

Some of the members of the church are saddened by the ugly development, and expressed their shock at the incident. Some accused the church authority of turning the church into a political theater because of their individual selfish interests. One of them said Mr. Ilekoya would be the fourth cleric of the church that the elders would fight because of the theme of his preaching.

When the ringleader of the thugs, former senator, Femi Okunrounmu, was approached by journalists at the church premises to react on the allegation that he sponsored thugs to disrupt the church service, he was furious.

"How did you get to know what's happening here, who told you and who told you to come," he said. "This is church affairs and not press affairs. I don't want to comment further."



  1. Obviously his preaching hit a nerve with the bullies. Poor guy. That’s a toxic church where “clergy killer” takes on a whole new meaning.

  2. I’m sure the CofE hierarchy will be speeding to respond with the same sense of outrage they’ve shown over Ugandan homophobia….

  3. A lesson to note is the response of the ring leader. This is why Dr. Williams inter alia are so wrong when they want to use, “quiet diplomacy.” These cockroaches cannot stand the light which means we should be shining it on them!


  4. I said to myself, “Where on earth is Sodubi, Abeokuta?”

    So I googled it.

    Surprise, surprise.

    (By the way, MP, I like today’s new OCICBW… look a lot better!)

  5. So I Googled it, and I find that it is extremely difficult for an American (of the sort that would be here at all) to go to a website http://www.anglican-nig.org . Yeah, I know the name of the country, but Bleaacchhh. Must go wash my hands.

    @Lois Keen–
    Must admit, my knowledge of churchly history is close to nil, not going beyond “Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” Could you expand on the allusion, please?