Yours truly and Mrs MadPriest finally got round to watching the conclusion of the Christmas "Doctor Who" this evening. The episode in which we said goodbye to David Tennant.

There were tears in our eyes as the gorgeous David shapeshifted into some gormless buffoon whose looks will probably appeal to thirteen year old girls but nobody else.

MadPriest: I've just worked out why the last two incarnations of Doctor Who have been so popular to people of all ages.

Mrs MP:

MadPriest: Who chose the actors to play the Doctor, and Captain Jack, and all the other main male characters but is no longer choosing the cast?

Mrs MP: Russell Davies.

MadPriest: And what is Russell Davies?

Mrs MP: A life long Doctor Who fan.

MadPriest: Yes. But what else?

Mrs MP: Gay.

MadPriest: Yes. And there's something about all the men he has cast. They're all.... They're all.... Erm...

Mrs MP:
Men other straight men would fancy.

MadPriest: Exactly.

MadPriest muttered something about it not being a sexual thing and got one of those looks from Mrs MadPriest. We both then settled down into a sullen despondency to mourn the end of an era. Goodbye Doctor.

The new producer, Steven Moffat, is well into women. Dammit!

Oh, dear! They've
sent a boy to do
a man's job.



  1. FWIW, my review of the Tennant finale is here.

    As I said above (in the same thread as my review), I think it’s Right & Good that the show should switch (regenerate) Doctors periodically.

    Being that I usually fall for the companions (esp. My Martha! 8-D..), I don’t much care what the Doctors look like (good ACTING is The Thing!). Ergo, I’m willing to give The New Guy a chance…

    [My BFF lurved Eccleston, and could never get into Tennant. Takes all kinds?]

  2. hiya MP, if I’ve read you right, you’re saying Tennant, Barrowman & co “score a massive Yabba! Yabba! Yabba! on the MadPriest patent Babeometer” …?

  3. No, Cathy. You can’t be that crass about men. Women, on the other hand, appreciate such vocal appreciation. Just look at the way they encourage builders to wolf whistle at them by wearing those mini skirt things.

  4. I think you hit it with “appeal to thirteen year old girls…” Eccleston, Tennant, Barrowman – they are all men (whether fancied by other men or women). This new fellow looks like he should be starring in some new show on the Disney Channel.

  5. Speaking as a hopelessly heterosexual female:
    Eccleston: Fine. Really fine.
    Tennant: Gorgeous.
    Barrowman: I know he’s gay…and I consider gender reassignment whenever I see him.
    New guy: Finish your math homework before supper, Son, or no Dr. Who for you.

  6. My 15 year old daughter told me that she thinks that John Barrowman is the best looking one of that lot.

    Some year maybe my local public television will get to Tennant’s last episode, but for now we are again repeating Tennant’s first season…

  7. Too Goth for the Disney Channel – don’t forget they brought us those wonderful slices of whitest white-bread, Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers (though I will always be grateful for their having found Adam Lamberg, however guilty I feel about finding him cute).

    This boy here might suffice for something like Skins, though. He played a fairly likeable street-urchin-turned-investigator in some execrable BBC miniseries.

    Tennant I thought cute, Barrowman actively sexy, but Eccleston has a face you could chop trees down with. What is important in all three, though, is that they are excellent actors, regardless of looks. I loved Tom Baker, though I thought the best-looking he ever got was as Rasputin in Nicholas and Alexandra. On the other hand, the idea of, say, Robert Pattinson playing the Doctor makes me shudder (Pattinson is dumb like sack of hammers).

  8. Liked Tom Baker, really liked Eccleson, loved Tennant – but find the new guy totally repellent. Sad, really.

    BTW – love new blog look: my first proper visit since you began tweaking.

  9. I don’t really like Matt whatisface either and don’t really plan to watch any further episodes … so it seems like we all agree – alarmingly

  10. I just don’t understand why the producers of the show didn’t ask us our opinion to begin with. Now, they’re going to have a major flop on their hands and all because they were too proud to ask the OCICBW… crowd for help.

  11. I agree with Nina.

    I will miss David Tennant and the new guy looks far too young. My son said, “Mom, the Dr. Whos are getting younger and younger…..this means something!!”

  12. I just don’t understand why the producers of the show didn’t ask us our opinion to begin with.

    there’s quite clearly a lot of folk round the world who would benefit from asking the OCICBW community our opinion.

  13. I have never really like the show. I read a lot of SF&F and have since it was invented by H. G. Wells and I was young (well almost.) But for some reason it just never clicked with me.


  14. Troughton & Pertwee tie as my favorite “classic” Doctor Who actors, and Eccleston is my favorite of the modern ones (he really brought a kick-ass quality to the character). Tennant also did a fine job.

    I’m withholding judgment on the new guy until I watch a few episodes…

  15. I was never a Dr. Who fan until David Tennant became him. He is very cute in an eye candy sort of way, though I always wish I could put just a wee bit more meat on his bones.

  16. Well, don’t take my word for it: my favorite of the “Classic Doctors” was Peter Davison, whom I think no one liked but me! ;-p

    [Partly because I was already familiar w/ him as “Tristan” from All Creatures Great and Small, and partly because of his chemistry w/ Tegan “The Saucy Aussie” (Janet Fielding), one of those first women who made me think: “Hmmm, maybe I’m not straight—not a straight woman anyway!” ;-)]

    I do think it would be awesome for The Doctor to regenerate as a really HAWT woman—then again, I’m one who was all for (Esquire’s) idea, ~12 years ago, for Lucy Lawless to be cast as “Jane Bond”: didn’t get that one either, Le Sigh.


    Oh, and what Chris said: finally, a blog template I can enjoy again (I could never get last week’s to fit worth a darn—not w/o throwing off all my other settings!)

  17. I liked all of them up till now, for different reasons. And I thought Peter Davison did a lovely job. (I would have liked to see him play the young Peter Wimsey, too.)