1. Hilarious! Cajuns do have a great sense of humour, with less angst than the British.

  2. Dear God – I heard a piece on that album on NPR – it was simply horrid! The interviewer would play identical sounding clips to the producer who would go to great lengths to explain the musicality and artistry of the album (retch!) Can’t wait for his next project – Little Billy Plays The Snare Drum…

  3. My five year old daughter came up to me while this was playing on the computer and asked me why my computer was broken.

  4. Christine is the daughter of the famous fiddler Dewey Balfa, who died about ten years ago. Back in the 1960s he was asked to go with a Cajun band to the Newport Folk Festival. They didn’t expect much from the sophisticated crowd and so were surprised at the enthusiastic reaction. This experience changed Dewey’s life, and he came home to be the leader of a revival of Cajun music which continues to this day.

  5. Doc the cat got off of his perch atop the nice, warm mantle, came over and stared, hard, at the computer. He then glared at me and wailed. When I hit the mute he gave me the “it’s about time” look. That’s the “word” from my cat the music critic.