"It's Diocese sued the church for not maintaining

a modern stance on homosexuality?"

"My congregation?"

"A true miracle?"

Another in depth, well researched news report

from the US media - NOT!

I suggest that this report from THE PRESBYTERIAN NEWS SERVICE, who don't have an interest in this matter, might be a more accurate account of why CFWBE (The Church of the Followers of the World's Biggest Ego) found themselves thrown out of the squat they were originally in.

January 13, 2009

N.Y. court rules for Episcopal Church in property fight
by Renee K. Gadoua (Religion News Service)

SYRACUSE, NY ― A conservative breakaway congregation in Binghamton, NY, that split with the Episcopal Church cannot keep its church building, a state Supreme Court judge has ruled.

The decision about the Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton finalizes the third property dispute in the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York after traditionalists seceded over disagreements about homosexuality and biblical authority.

“Legal title to all real and personal property of Good Shepherd including the church building and rectory rests with the diocese,” said state Supreme Court Judge Ferris D. Lebous on Jan. 8.

The Rev. Karen C. Lewis, speaking for the diocese, said church leaders are “pleased with the judge’s decision regarding our claim and his upholding the canons” (church rules).

“Now our prayers are that Good Shepherd folks are able to move forward with their ministry as well as we in the diocese are able to move forward in our ministry,” she said.

The court ruling upholds the denomination’s rules that a parish’s property is held in trust for the diocese and the denomination. The legal ruling says the diocese is “entitled to immediate possession” of the disputed church and rectory.

The decision also seems to parallel legal decisions elsewhere. The California Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court decision that buildings and property do not belong to breakaway congregations but to dioceses and the wider Episcopal Church.

Raymond Dague, a Syracuse lawyer who represents Good Shepherd, was unavailable for comment. He previously said the diocese declined two purchase offers from the congregation and was unwilling to negotiate.

Good Shepherd withdrew from the diocese in November 2007. Good Shepherd and two other congregations ― St. Andrew’s in Syracuse and St. Andrew’s in Vestal ― have affiliated with Anglican groups that consider homosexuality incompatible with Scripture.

“We realize that there’s a family that has to seek new living arrangements,” Lewis said. “We’re having discussions about what is fair and reasonable.”



  1. Not only is the business about the lawsuit wrong, but Calvinists don’t say “mass.”

    I have to say, though, that now that I have seen Matt on video, his preoccupation with homosexuality suddenly makes a lot more sense.

  2. He’s got English teeth. Perhaps his parents neglected his dental health as a child and this led to all the resentment seething inside of him.

  3. Didn’t Vestals have to retire after 30 years? That one looked a little long in the tooth for that office, but then again, living under the theology of Fr. Kennedy could age someone prematurely.

    On another topic, whose money did they use to buy St. Andrew’s?

  4. Did you notice the one gentleman was labeled a “vestal?” Whoever edited that clip really has no clue! That was supposed to be a sympathetic report but it was very badly done.


  5. WAIT! I am shocked, SHOCKED to discover New York actually has a town of Vestal! I wonder if its school teams are the virgins?


  6. But Brother Matt is sooo cuuute! How could we doubt his bona fides? Maybe, like Rick Warren, he just sent out a pleas to keep the hallowed flock from being in the cold?

  7. Yea, call me cynical, but where did these poor refugees come up with the money to buy this whole church & rectory? And making ends meet off a day-care? Sounds improbable. My teeth are grinding, my stomach is turning.

  8. Pardon my cynicism – but for a “growing church” celebrating what is surely a fairly major milestone there’s an awful lot of empty pews for such an auspicious occasion. And counting the children visible and then subtracting a number equivalent to those whose last name is “Kennedy” doesn’t leave you with what looks like an especially vibrant kid’s ministry. All of which makes me think the Viagrans’ rhetoric about their’s being the only churches with a future is as dishonest as all their other claims.

  9. From the view across the Susquehanna (river) from Good Shepherd. Here are a few facts. The former St. Andrew’s (RC) includes the Church, Rectory, Car Park and the former St. Andrew’s Elementary school.

    The property was on the market for $750,000.00 before CFWBE crafted a deal with the RC Diocese of Syracuse. The deal incidentally was worked out quite quickly. The Kennedy family moved into the Rectory within days of the Court’s ruling, and they were holding saervices in February, 2009.

    The television report from the CBS affiliate was taped on Christmas Eve, 2009 a good 10 months after the first service, and definitely was not a first mass.

    Ahh the wonders of modern media and it’s definition of fair, balanced, and unbiased coverage of “news”.

    BTW there is apparently a “mortgage” on the property, a capital campaign, and a tenant in the former school. The goal is to have the property debt free in five years.

    My wife (a cradle Episcopalian) attended the funeral service of the mother of a friend a few weeks ago at Good Shepherd, She found the homily strangely alien and not at all what she expected from an Anglican, no matter the Province.

  10. Folks, some fail to see here that MP has juxtaposed two media pieces from about a year apart. The video may be new at this Christmas, but the news piece is from a year ago as the date on it shows. The family mentioned by the diocesan spokesperson was the Kennedys, but they were in new shelter, as Gerry points out, quite quickly. And that is why MP put the two side-by-side. You see the true story in real time as it happened in the news piece, and you see the apocryphal myth that has grown in a year’s passage.

    Too bad in his desire to be famous and gain folks sympathy Father Mass Progeny needs to play up the apocryphal side of the church-without-a-home story, which was not the story as it unfolded last year and was also reported extensively at Viagraville.

  11. Thank you Gerry for adding some facts.

    Here are a few more:

    1. The sanctuary seats a good 450. We’re presently at about 120 per Sunday this year as opposed to about 80-90 ASA last year. We had a total of 146 for Christmas Eve which is still small but in actual numbers larger than we’ve had for Christmas in 20 years according to the records. But in a 400 capacity sanctuary, 146 looks pretty small. In any case, those in TEC ought not to be too concerned about number comparisons.

    2. There were about 30 kids total in the pageant…I have 5 kids personally. 4 of mine were in it.

    3. Vestal is a nearby township.

    4. Most of the footage was shot during the carol sing which was thirty minutes before the start of service.

    4. We are enjoying our new home and are quite thankful first to God for graciously setting us down here and giving us the means to purchase it.

    Thank you all for your interest in our welfare.


  12. A person who claims God is on their side has only the support of the devil. A person who has God on his or her side would never be so arrogant as to even think such a thing (see Israelites and other Pharisees).

  13. What is this talk about sides MP? We are thankful to God for his grace and blessings. I made no claims as to what side he is on. God is on his own side and he calls everyone to it.

  14. I can’t be certain that Matt serves Satan. He may, in fact, serve the Good Shepherd…weakly. ;-/

  15. I don’t think anyone has said that Matt serves Satan. All I said is that if any supernatural being is helping his cult it will be Satan not God. This is because Matt and his disciples are full of hatred, fear and arrogance and God only does love. I also said that he speaks with a forked tongue.

  16. Why have you allowed the lies represented in the video by your local TV station to stand Matt?

    Your congregation has not been without a building since last Christmas as the news reporter states in the video. You congregation moved almost directly from the Episcopal Church’s property into the empty Roman Catholic Church’s property. In fact last year at this time you lot were jumping for joy at SFIF about how quickly God had provided for your faithfulness.

    Your congregation was not sued by the diocese because you taught that homosexuality was wrong. You lot were sued when your congregation announced it had voted to server its ties to TEC and yet retain the Episcopal Church’s property.

    That is the thing that confounds me most about the self proclaimed reasserters, their blatant dishonesty and underhandedness. It is as if the end justifies the means. Well, if your beliefs are correct, then I would think that based on those same beliefs that you lot will have an accounting due before your Maker if for nothing less than the lies.

  17. Perhaps Matt has a possessed spinning wheel as a family heirloom, ..that causes him to spin all sorts of fairy tales, with the notion that if told enough times that makes it fact?!?

  18. Look, I’m sorry, but Hatred, Ignorance and Lies are hallmarks of Satan.

    Matt is a wantonly breathless promoter of all three of those things. I think it’s pretty clear from that whom or what he is serving. Let’s not play nice and pretend there’s room for misunderstanding or we’re just Rowan-Williamsing the whole thing.

  19. “Allow” David? Liar is a strong word and in this case one for which there is no basis. You have absolutely no idea what I said to the reporter. I spoke truthfully about everything that happened from the moment we lost until that day. I have no idea why she cut the tape and edited the way she did. The details are certainly wrong in places, but the gist is correct. We lost our home and church because we refused to participate in a diocese promoting false teaching, and now God has provided us with a new one.

    Your spin on the events, by the way, and the true one, is seriously skewed.

  20. and now God has provided us with a new one

    Well, that’s a great big porkie to begin with. Unless, of course, you are accepting what some are implying about your religious allegiance.

  21. I am sorry Matt, please forgive my error, I thought that you spoke English.

    Why have you allowed the lies represented in the video by your local TV station to stand Matt?
    Translation: Why have you, Matt Kennedy, not publicly corrected the false impression left by this newscast that your congregation did not have a building in which to meet for most of the past year and now, in time for Christmas, you do? That impression is false, a lie.

    But, I do not see where I labeled any one person by name an actual liar in my comment.

    If my understanding of the events is skewed, please correct my misunderstanding by a quick synopsis of the events in the order in which they occurred. Because I tried to follow the events as they were occurring, beginning with your and your wife’s resignation as priests of TEC.

  22. David,

    Sure David, you are forgiven. The sort of English I understand involves both spoken words and the unspoken implications behind them.

    Since I have already publicly and laboriously detailed the events, as you have pointed out, your suggestion and implication that I have either lied to the reporter or dishonestly let stand details that are incorrect, is simply false.

    The reporter incorrectly reported that we have been without a church home for a year.

    The rest of her story is fairly accurate.