Of Course, I Could be Wrong

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Not Quite Getting The Hang Of It

Yesterday, the “World’s Most Stupid” award went to Donald Trump, as it does every day. The coveted second place rosette (which can be won by anybody who is not Donald Trump) was awarded to the BBC news reporter who was sent to interview some bloke who had climbed the height above sea-level of Mount Everest using the stairs in his own house. A feat he accomplished in just three days. Obviously, the BBC wanted to demonstrate that they are up with social distancing recommendations like the rest of us, so the reporter stood in the garden to interview the man who was standing at an upstairs’ window. To do this he used a microphone on the end of a boom that was at least the requisite two metres long. All by the book, except for the fact that the reporter was standing immediately below the window. It would appear that nobody had told him that the reason we are keeping two horizontal metres away from each other is down to the fact that the coronavirus, which is a heavy beast by microbial standards, falls out of the air onto the ground within two metres of being coughed out by an infected person. Standing directly beneath somebody with COVID-19 is a sure way to catch the disease, no matter how far above you, within reason, that person is.

Whilst I am on the topic of this fad of climbing Everest without leaving home, I feel I must point out that ascending the mountain from sea level involves walking hundreds of miles across India and Nepal and swimming across the River Ganges. Therefore, any claim of success which does not involve the indoor equivalent of this part of the journey is null and void.

Made In China

A social worker in Mahbubabad, India, has been instructed to dress as a demon
and walk through the streets warning people to protect themselves by complying
with the lockdown.

He tells people that he is a coronavirus demon and has come from China.

Really Shit Theology

Awaken Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas, plans to continue holding services this weekend despite federal and state guidelines against holding gatherings of more than ten people amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a Wednesday evening Facebook post the church claimed that Jesus was the “first death of Covid-19,” the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The post included an image of a cross wrapped in a white sash against a sunset background, with the words “Jesus died with COVID-19 so that you didn’t have to bear it.”

No Applause, Please!

I do not do clapping outside my front door under any circumstance. This is not because I do not appreciate the work our medical professionals are doing at the moment. It is because I am English and very much of the pre-Princess Di’s funeral school.

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest In The Time Of Coronavirus

For the first time in ten years, I am no different to every other priest. They are feeling my pain. There was a time when I would have been elated with schadenfreude because of this as not one of my colleagues in the Church of England did anything to help me get my job back. But, to be honest, I just feel even more useless than usual. With, what feels like, every parish priest in the world now working online, I have become redundant yet again.

Pastoral Care In The Time Of Coronavirus

I fully support the closure of places of worship during the coronavirus pandemic. It is sad, of course, but, as it is temporary, it is not catastrophic. Certainly, the benefits for public health far outweigh the losses for public enjoyment and a lot can be done online to continue to provide much of the church experience, at least for many church members.

However, the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I am becoming with the stopping of pastoral care for the sick and dying. If nurses and doctors can be in contact with people with coronavirus (when appropriately protected) I cannot see why ministers of religion (with a pastoral calling) and the invalid’s close family members and friends cannot also be provided with the necessary protection and allowed to be with them. I often had to dress in protective clothing when visiting patients with immune deficiencies in hospital. I also think that there must be ways of making attendance at funerals possible, at least for the nearest and dearest.

In my opinion, having loved ones and, if you are religious, pastors visit you when you are sick and with you when you are dying is as important as life itself. Yet, in the U.K. at least, we are now in a position where the delivery of a box of chocolates or a pizza is considered essential whilst the delivery of pastoral support and the sacraments of religion is not. It appears that the secularisation of our nations is complete and that religion is now regarded by our societies and governments as a hobby choice, with no real substance, on a par with going to watch a football match.

There was a time, not long ago, when people of faith were the only ones who could be relied upon to provide care to those sick and dying from contagious diseases and many who did, died as a result. That this witness to God’s love for the human race has been swept aside as irrelevant, so quickly and completely, during this present health crisis is a terrifying indication of just how clinical, capitalistic and lacking in compassion modern western society has become.

A Good Read

From “Sudden Death,” a sermon by John Keble

Therefore be ye also ready; for in such an hour
as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh.

It is very difficult to persuade persons to consider how very liable we all are at all times to sudden death. For notwithstanding anything that may be urged on this subject and the frequent instances of it that occur among us, yet no person will be induced to believe that he himself is liable to it so as to live under a practical sense of such a consideration, but each person will, notwithstanding, persuade himself that it will not be so in his case.

He does not see why he should not live as long as others, who are older than himself and, therefore, he persuades himself that he shall. And however many there are who die around us of all ages, yet there are also many who continue to live and some of them older than ourselves.

And if we are induced at any time seriously to reflect on this very frail and uncertain condition of our lives, yet every day that is added to our lives takes away more and more of this apprehension so that if anyone feels strongly his liability to and the nearness of death today, he is the more callous tomorrow because it does not come to him. For until death does really come, it will always appear long in coming; but whenever it does come, it will seem doubtless quick and sudden, beyond all conception.

For these reasons it might be thought by some, that it is not so advisable to warn people of the danger of sudden death so much as to take them at their own imaginations and to remind them that if they live to threescore and ten years, as they think they shall, yet even then that the time is exceedingly short to prepare for those great and awful changes which are approaching. That even seventy years are as nothing when compared to eternity and that the longest life, when a man comes to look back upon it on his death-bed, appears indeed exceeding short.

Now in all this there is much truth but yet is it not the case that Holy Scripture takes pains, as it were, to set before us, not only the vanity and the shortness of the life of man, even at the longest, and the little value of things temporal compared with things eternal, but also the uncertainty of life, and the frequent suddenness of death? For instance, in the “Old Testament,” the many examples of the sudden vengeance of God overtaking the wicked, as in the case of Sodom and in the “New Testament”, in the account of the rich man who was building new barns when it was said to him, “Thou fool, this night shall thy soul be required of thee” and in the parable of the unprofitable fig tree, where the Lord of the vineyard came three years seeking fruit and found none, when it was said, “Cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?” And for one year more the Dresser of the vineyard interceded, saying, “Lord, let it alone this year also.” For which of us can tell whether this may not have taken place respecting ourselves, that for us God has so diligently watched until now and that his word has already gone forth, “Cut it down”?

But above all things, is this suddenness of death set before us in the warnings which are so repeatedly given us, respecting the Day of Judgment and our Lord’s coming. For although all these are spoken of the Day of Judgment, we cannot but suppose that they are in some degree spoken of our own deaths

To everyone, it is said, and perhaps in the case of everyone, it is fulfilled, “Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give to every man as his work shall be.”

We cannot doubt but that to all it is said, “Take ye heed, watch and pray, for ye know not when the time is,” and “Watch ye therefore for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cock-crowing, or in the morning, lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping. And what I say unto you, I say unto all, watch.”

And are not all these words, in which our Lod’s coming is described, applicable to death: ” Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye, therefore, and pray always!”

For we must remember that where the tree falls, there it must lie and, therefore, wherever death overtakes a person, there, judgment finds him, so that in this sense, even if in no other, it is in the days of the Son of Man as it was in the days of Noah.

And not only does Holy Scripture thus press upon us the great necessity of being always ready, as knowing not any day or night, that we may not hear the sound of the Archangel’s trumpet and see “the judgment set, and the books opened,” but moreover, there is no fact which our experience does more fully assure us of than this, that death is constantly overtaking one or other amongst us and that too, very often, suddenly, those who have eaten and drank and talked and lived among us and who humanly speaking had no cause to expect so great a change more than ourselves, yet on whom the book of life has forever closed and an unchangeable eternity has already opened; persons who but the other day had the same pursuits, the same feelings, the same hopes and fears and earthly expectations and projects, as ourselves? Nor can we give any reason why we should not be now where they are and they instead speaking of us, as we now do of them. Not one of us can tell how soon others may not thus have to speak of us. But however this may be, of one thing, I think, we may be assured, that, whether we die soon or late, yet death will overtake us before we expect it and he that looks out for it, and expects it daily, will find that he is much nearer the truth than he who does not. So that in whichever way we take it, it must be allowed that the veil or curtain which is drawn between us and the eternal judgment is so thin that any day of our lives we may find ourselves on the other side of it; the door shut the time of trial forever gone and past eternal unchangeable ages begun.

Now this being the case, there is no use whatever in our turning our minds away to other things in order to forget it, for it remains quite as true, whether we think of it or not. The sun is in the sky all the same though we might force ourselves to believe it was not, and that it was night. There is nothing in the world more easy than to do this, we have only to engage our thoughts as soon as we depart from church or from the grave of a friend, with some little trifles which are sure to present themselves before us (or, rather I should say, to be presented to us by the evil spirit who is ever on the watch) and we shall soon forget all about it. But as there is nothing more easy, so there is nothing more foolish than this, for we must think of the great realities sooner or later and the less we do think of them now, the more we shall have to be sorry for at our death and through a long eternity. The end is unavoidable you may look around you to the world you may look above or below yet nevertheless it is ever straight before you and every day and every hour nearer and nearer, and you must at last look it in the face and see death and judgment standing before you not to be avoided nor evaded, turn yourself away, this way or that to any objects you like, think of it or not you must be one day nearer to it every day you live.

If therefore the serious and timely consideration of these things is so necessary for everyone who has to die, what is the reason why we are each of us so determined, as it were, to put it aside and in fact take all the means in our power to drive it away when any moment of our lives we may be overtaken by the reality of that from the very thoughts of which we shrink and turn away?

The reason in great measure is, because we consider such contemplations as unpleasant and, therefore, are ever ready to get away from them. But why should they be so unpleasant; indeed, so gloomy and terrible? It is we ourselves that make them so in a great measure. These frequent intimations and warnings respecting our speedy and sudden and certain death are doubtless given to us by our Heavenly Father out of his great mercy and love to us and all his gracious and kind dealings with us. Even though they be warnings and cautions yet ought to be made by us in some sense a matter of comfort and encouragement. Not unpleasant duties which we would turn away from, but thoughts that we would embrace and cherish as coming from him.

Now the state of the case is this; we are here placed in circumstances of considerable hazard and danger on account of the various temptations which surround us. These temptations are of a nature far greater and more manifold than anything we could have supposed, were it not for what the Bible informs us respecting them. Such being our condition, thus encompassed with manifold temptations, the Almighty has of great mercy supplied us with everything that can work upon our love and our fears, as assistances and support to our weakness. And among these, the uncertainty of our own death and the suddenness of those around us is one. Indeed all temporal calamities and sorrows, although they may be considered as awful warnings to work on our fears, but yet are they all mixed with mercy and are no less than his blessings and encouragements, the sign of God’s fatherly anxiety and tenderness for us.

For this uncertainty of our lives may be made a great blessing to us, if we would consider it as we ought in all reason to do. The power of things seen and present is very great, and when we fancy that we may live thirty or forty years, this power is greatly increased; it seems to put the great and unseen eternity with all its awful realities at a distance. But when we are brought to reflect that in a few days or hours it may be all over with us as far as this world is concerned, that the objects which we now think so important will then appear quite as trifling as the circumstances of a dream when we awake, that by this time next week or tomorrow, we may be in the actual presence of God and of Jesus Christ in a way beyond all conception at present; this is a very moving thought. It is enough to still and set at rest every feeling of unkindness to others, of discontent in ourselves. It is enough to bring us to our Heavenly Father with all that awe and dependence with which we ought to think of him at all times, and to make us very zealous in doing his work.

I do not know any consideration which, if duly cherished, would have such an impression upon our hearts, and tend more to make us what we should be. We ought to rise with this thought every morning and retire to rest with this thought every night, that in twelve hours we may be in the presence of our Judge and the door closed.

Further Thoughts On Online Communion

The only instruction we have from Jesus (God) concerning what we call the Eucharist, is that we should eat and drink the bread and wine in remembrance of him. Everything else that has become attached to it comes out of the tradition of the churches. This does not make them invalid but they are situational and of human origin. As such they are not sacramental in a pure sense. Personally, I accept the rules that apply in each separate context. My preference is for Anglo-Catholic ritual conducted in a Gothic Revival church with all the trimmings. However, needs must and ritual must be compassionate and adaptable to the situation. This was Christ’s attitude towards the Law.

Walsingham Website Wobbly

English Catholics re-dedicated their country as Mary’s Dowry “in the eye of the storm” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of restrictions on movement and assembly to slow down the transmission of COVID-19, an estimated five hundred and thirty thousand people attempted to join the re-dedication by watching live-streaming services from parishes, churches and the National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham, Norfolk. The volume of traffic volume was so high by the re-dedication time of noon on the twenty-ninth of March that it caused the website of the Walsingham shrine to crash.

My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Virus

In a video circulating social media, the self-proclaimed evangelist, Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism, Kenya, pleads with his national government and the international community to give him permission to cast away the stubborn scourge of the coronavirus. According to the preacher, he and his colleagues can use his powerful guitar to kill the disease and put an end to people’s suffering once and for all. Ng’ang’a says all he needs is a “go ahead” from the government and the rest will be sorted out.

The pastor is asking the authorities to give him just twenty patients and allow him to stay behind closed doors with them without any sort of interruption from outside. He maintains that all he would need to do is sing and move towards them and then “healing would befall them.”

Delroy Washington

Another musician who I greatly admire has died from COVID-19. I first came
across the music of British reggae pioneer, Delroy Washington, when I
purchased the legendary “The Front Line” compilation back in 1976. His
Rastafarian worship song, “Give All the Praise to Jah” has been a favourite
of mine ever since. In fact, it cannot be more than a couple of weeks ago
that I played it last.

God damn this horrible disease!

Let It Rain!

The founder and general overseer of Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Apostle Paul Okikijesu has narrated a ‘divine revelation’ he received from God as regards the end of Coronavirus in Nigeria and other foreign countries.

The statement reads: “I am exhibiting presently my superiority in Nigeria. I the Lord will stop the wave of this virus because of the cries and the tears of the beloved. The leaders of Nigeria should change fully, the hand of I the Lord will step on the problem quickly. The firmament will change and a great rain will fall that will have a widespread effect. The leaders of the nations should take step of amendment and prayer, then I the Lord will remove the COVID-19 virus; the hosts of hell who are currently rejoicing will be silenced.”

With Friends Like Him

A South Georgia man has been accused of stabbing his friend twelve times during an argument about whether his friend was actually a Christian. Ronald Ashley Potter Jr. faces an aggravated assault charge after the stabbing on the twentieth of March stabbing, which led to his friend being flown to a Savannah hospital due to his injuries. The two had been friends for more than twenty years.

I guess that if his friend forgives him, then he probably is.

Pastor Predicts That Those Who Die Will End Up Dead

In a live broadcast on Sunday, the General Overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God, Enoch Adeboye, stated that the coronavirus is down to God wanting to show the world that he is still in control.

“Since the people of the world think they are big, he has compelled them to stay at home for at least two weeks to show them that he is still God.”

However, we should not worry about it. In a mind-blowingly obvious piece of phoney prophecy, Adeboye went on to say that “only those whose time has come will die” and that if our time has not yet come we should relax and enjoy the ‘holiday.”

Pastor Arrested For Playing Down Coronavirus

Police in Kampala, Uganda, have arrested pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church, Kawaala, for ‘uttering false information and spreading harmful propaganda’ concerning the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19). Pastor Yiga based in Rubaga division in Kampala, in a video that has since gone viral, claimed that there have been no cases of the disease in Uganda and that the virus is, in any case, just a simple flu. He was apprehended for undermining the Yoweri Museveni government’s efforts to contain it.

This reminds me of a Ugandan, Anglican priest who was on the same university degree course as myself. During one anthropology lecture on the ritual sexual practices of certain African tribes, he stood up and notified the lecturer that they were not and had never been any “homosexuals” in Uganda. The young academic was speechless unlike the Roman Catholic nun who lectured on the Early Church. In one of her classes, he stood up and stated that something she had said about the Eucharistic practice of the first Christians was wrong as it did not align with his evangelical, protestant beliefs. The nun simply told him that he was at a history lecture and that facts were facts whether he liked them or not.

Out Of Africa

Shepherd Bushiri, the millionaire leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church in South Africa, has stated in a video that the “demonic” coronavirus is targeting only certain people and it will disappear once it has done its job.

He says: “You see, this thing, the coronavirus, there are people who it is targeting. You must know it’s a very demonic thing. When those people who are being targeted are over, it will disappear.”

In another clip, Bushiri said God had instructed him to rebuke the “demon” that could only disappear if the church prayed. He further told his followers they were protected from the virus.

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of Adoration Ministry in Nigeria, has denied a trending fake rumour in which he was reported to have provided a solution to the Covid-19 global pandemic. He was said to have told people to find a strand of hair in their bible and put it inside water and then use it to wash their face in order to provide a cure for the coronavirus.

In a statement by the priest on Sunday, Mbaka he maintained that “As a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, I am not associated with such occultic and satanic utterances or practices in my ministrations. The claim is a handwork of enemies of Adoration Ministry seeking to dent my good image. Those spreading such rumours are agents of darkness, witches and wizards from the pit of hell with a demonic assignment of misleading people over such a global life-threatening pandemic.”

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest In The Time Of Coronavirus

We should not be waiting for the rich to donate the crumbs from their table towards fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We should certainly not be thanking them for doing so as if it is a great and noble thing. What we should be doing is taking the money from the rich, pretty much all of it, and using it to save the lives of the people who made them rich in the first place. That being the rest of us.

A Big, Sad Blow

I am incredibly sad to hear of the death of the legendary Cameroonian
saxophonist, Manu Dibango, who died at eighty-six this week after contracting
coronavirus. Tracks of his, such as “Big Blow,” “Abele Dance” and, of course,
“Soul Makossa,” brought African rhythms onto the dancefloors of discotheques
all over the world.

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

In the U.K., in theory, in a week’s time, deaths from the coronavirus should drop to almost zero, even though the number of people contracting the disease will continue to increase and drastically so. This is because those of us in danger of dying from the disease (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) should have, by then, been in isolation for two full weeks and those who were going to die would have died. However, this will not happen because it is impossible for those of us who will most likely die but who are not on the government’s list of the most at risk, to stay in as we would starve to death if we did. If the government had ruled that only those over sixty or with an underlying health problem could have access to supermarket home delivery, then our undertakers would have been at home, twiddling their thumbs at Easter.

God Sent The Coronavirus To Stop People Gossiping

From BreakingIsraelNews:

In a recent YouTube video Rabbi Mendel Kessin, an international speaker and noted Torah scholar, offers a practical approach to protecting oneself from contracting the coronavirus while helping to bring redemption closer. In the seventy-five minute talk, he lays out a step-by-step analysis of the deeper significance of the coronavirus and makes the case that God introduced the coronavirus into the world in order to repair the exact problems that are keeping the Messiah from being revealed.

In Kessin’s words, “The coronavirus is designed to speed up the geula (redemption process).”

According to Kessin, the collective sins of “sinat chinam” (baseless hatred) and “lashon hard” (evil speech) are significant obstacles to moving redemption forward. Gossip, slander, defamation of character and all manner of derogatory speech about others are forms of prohibited speech and, according to Kessin, God is enraged by the amount of prohibited speech that exists in the world and by how this contributes to a lack of unity and to hatred among people.

Among the unique characteristics of the coronavirus pandemic are social distancing and quarantine. According to Kessin, these actions serve as atonements for the sin of prohibited speech. Since quarantine and social distancing limit social interactions between people, they serve to reduce the amount of prohibited speech in which people engage.

Another fascinating angle Kessin pointed out is that the power of speech comes from our breath. When our breath is used to speak prohibited, derogatory words against others, the measure-for-measure punishment is denying a person the ability to breathe freely. As is well-known, breathing issues are a prime characteristic of the coronavirus.

Unholy Spirit

Police at the Lumakanda Police Station in Kenya are holding a bishop who was caught selling illicit liquor known as chang’aa. The cleric had hired youths to keep him safe from the authorities and members of his church and police were engaged in a battle with the youths for hours before being able to apprehend the suspect.

Upon interrogation, it was established that the suspect was a bishop of the African Divine Church. The suspect told the officers that he was selling the illegal booze to make ends meet due to the harsh economic times and the closure of his church due to the coronavirus.

A Worse Fate

In London, a huge warehouse is being transformed into a giant hospital to help deal with serious cases of coronavirus in the capital. It will consist of two giant wards, each with two thousand beds, plus two morgues. Patients will be cared for by medical staff in protective clothing and will be allowed no visitors.

Even though it is almost certain that I will die if I catch the virus, I think I would rather take my chances at home than grasp the faint possibility of recovery in such a clinical barn devoid of familiar human contact. Some things are more important than living another day, especially when you believe in the life everlasting.

Walk, Don’t Run

Boris needs to explain that when he said that people could go out for exercise once a day, he didn’t mean they had to. I used to be able to walk for miles in the countryside around where I live without seeing anyone except a few fellow dog walkers. I just went out for a stroll down the lane and it was like Newcastle Quayside on a Friday night. Most of the adults who were out looked like they had not been for a walk since Christmas Day afternoon and the kids they were dragging around with them had the appearance of international terrorists in the process of being renditioned by the CIA.

And as for those bloody joggers!!!

On The Rooftops Of Spain, Ooo What A Sight!

The parish priest in a town in Spain’s Caceres took the vertigo-inducing step yesterday of taking to the church roof to conduct an online mass. With white robes billowing in the breeze and equipped with camera and microphone to broadcast live, Father Juan Manuel Garcia stood aloft and blessed his town of Arroyo de la Luz, which has been severely hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The priest said it had been easy to get up on the roof and he hadn’t been at all frightened.

God Told To Deliver Or Get Out

The Nigerian barrister, Olusegun Bamgbose, who is the national coordinator of Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to declare three days of fasting and prayer for Christians and Muslims following the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the country.

In a challenge to God, Bamgbose says, “COVID-19 is not beyond God’s intervention. If the virus is beyond God, then he is not the Almighty, but I strongly believe he is still the Almighty God and if we pray, the virus will disappear. The three days of fasting and prayer should be sit at home, except for those on essential duties. The Moslems and Christians should be practically involved. All hands must be on deck. If after the prayer and fasting, nothing tangible happens, then I’ll expect the Presidency to declare the nation an atheist one.”

Well, God can’t say that he hasn’t been warned.

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, says the coronavirus disease currently ravaging the world is a punishment from God. In a tweet posted late on Wednesday, Keyamo said the affliction might be because the world has distorted God’s vision.

“God has allowed COVID-19 to afflict the human race only to redirect our steps back to him. We have so distorted God’s Word to suit our own human weaknesses and satisfy our greed, even in supposed holy places. We should collectively ask for forgiveness and it will all end in praise,” he posted.

In a follow-up tweet, he also urged Nigerians to follow all safety guidelines handed down by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Ban Joggers Now!

Now that all the gyms are closed for the duration, fitness fanatics are buzzing around our streets and local parks like wasps evicted from their nests at the beginning of Autumn. This is a public health hazard as a large majority of them are cyclists without the wheels, firm in their belief that everyone should get the heck out of their way. This means (and I have just had personal experience of this) whilst the more sedate amongst us are ambling along making sure we are considerably further apart from our fellow walkers than the official guidelines advise, suddenly a jogger will race by without any attempt at social distancing whatsoever, splattering germs along with their sweat far and wide.


Churches throughout Italy have been conducting mass through live-streaming
for the faithful. But one priest’s attempt went awry when he left the filters on
for a Facebook Live and the video now has the internet in splits.

In the video, the parish priest is seen with the filters of a futuristic illuminated
helmet, a fedora and even sunglasses during the ceremony. According to
Italian news website TPI, the priest is from the Parish of Saints Peter and
Benedict of Polla, in the province of Salerno.

Health Workers To Escape Purgatory


All Catholics suffering from or caring for those with coronavirus are to be granted a plenary indulgence by the Vatican. It has issued a decree granting the plenary indulgences to “the faithful suffering from the Covid-19 virus, commonly known as coronavirus, as well as to healthcare workers, family members and all those who in any capacity, including through prayer, care for them.”

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, an indulgence is “a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven.” It means the most faithful are destined for a period in purgatory before being allowed into heaven.

Those who die having been granted a plenary indulgence avoid purgatory.

MadPriest Saves The World

Right, this is what we will do.

Everybody in the world who is over the age of sixty (plus anybody they live with) and everybody in the world who has “underlying health problems,” completely self-isolate for eight weeks. Twenty-five per cent of health workers and fifty per cent of people under the age of sixty also completely self-isolate for four weeks. For those first four weeks, the health workers who are not self-isolating look after the many people who will become sick during this period (making sure anyone who falls ill and those closely connected to them go into immediate quarantine for four weeks) whilst the others who are not self-isolating make sure everything that needs to be working carries on working and that provisions are delivered to the doors of those who are self-isolating (whatever their age). Self-distancing must be practised during this period. At the end of four weeks everyone swaps over except those over the age of sixty and those with “underlying health problems” who remain self-isolating for another four weeks. The twenty-five per cent of health workers who have come out of self-isolating should be enough to look after the sick during the next four weeks as there should, at this point be far fewer cases of coronavirus. Everyone else who has come out of self-isolation look after the needs of those who are now restricted to their homes. At the end of the second four weeks, everyone can come out of self-isolation except those who entered four weeks quarantine during the second four weeks (they will continue to self-isolate until their four weeks is completed).

During the eight weeks and afterwards, until a vaccine is available, everyone is restricted to their home district. Goods will be distributed between areas by drivers who will not leave their cabs when outside of their own district. Goods from abroad will be similarly transported and nobody will be allowed to enter a nation from abroad.

There will have to be extremely draconian punishments for anybody who breaks the quarantine rules.

The Unlimited Grace Of God In The Mass

In my opinion, if you lay out bread and wine at home during a remote service of holy communion, then it becomes consecrated at the same time that the bread and wine in the presence of the priest are consecrated. Any contradiction of this would be limiting God’s power and making it a magic thing rather than a grace thing. Certainly, that is how I regard the online communion services that I have been posting at Saint Laika’s for the last ten years or more.

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