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No Poofters!

A former teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, has won a lawsuit against his former Catholic employer after claiming he lost his job due to his desire to marry a male partner.

Lonnie Billard had taught drama full-time at Charlotte Catholic High School since 2001, with the occasional substitute assignment. However, when Billard announced that he was going to marry his male partner in 2014, the school informed Billard that they could no longer employ him due to his marriage being contrary to the religious principles of the Catholic Church.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina partnered with Billard to file a lawsuit against the school, claiming that their dismissal of Billard was a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which bans discrimination based on sex.

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that Charlotte Catholic School and the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte had indeed violated Title VII. District Judge Cogburn ruled that federal laws protecting church autonomy and freedom of association do not protect the school from liability for violating Title VII. Cogburn requested that Charlotte Catholic School pay Billard back-pay and benefits, punitive damages and compensatory damages for emotional distress. He also filed a court order blocking the school from taking similar action in the future.

SOURCE: "Premier Christian News"

"Acquitted. Acquitted. Acquitted. Very impressive."

Spanish Bishop Runs Off With Occultist Writer

Xavier Novell, a Catalan bishop and exorcist known for his ultraconservative views, has stepped down to be with his lover, Silvia Caballol, a divorced psychologist and writer of erotic, novels about the occult.

“I have fallen in love with a woman, for the first time in my life and I want to do things the right way,” Novell told a friend.

According to reports, the couple are living together in Manresa, fifty kilometres from Solsona.

The bishopric of Solsona has said that the resignation was due to “strictly personal reasons." However, some have speculated that he was under pressure from the church leadership because of his support for Catalan independence.

Lucía Caram, a nun based in Manresa, said that he does “not have good mental health or emotional balance”.

She told Spanish television and other media that Padre Novell’s extreme conservative views, which included ejecting young women wearing miniskirts from his church, reflected increasingly erratic behaviour, describing him as “out of his mind”. She also pointed out that the former bishop had taken part in so-called therapy sessions aimed at converting members of the LGBT community to heterosexuality.

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

The first Christians were Jews. They would have, very much, believed themselves to be Jewish (religiously as well as genetically). The followers of Jesus Christ were a sect (denomination) within Judaism. However, there came a point when the Christian understanding of God and God's relationship with humankind was so radically different to that of mainline Judaism that it was as if Christians worshipped a different God to the God of the Temple and synagogue. Christianity became a new and separate religion.

I believe this tipping point has now been reached by American, fundamentalist Evangelicalism.

To put it simply, they no longer worship the same God that the rest of us (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, whatever) worship and, to be fair to them, they do not believe that Christians who are not part of their sect worship the God that they do.

We are agreed then. Let us go our separate ways so that the people of the world are no longer daily confused as to why a loving God can be so goddamn hateful.

He Steals From The Poor, He Gives To The Rich. What A Dick!

I may have got this wrong but it seems to me that the rich are going to be a lot better off and have far more money to pass on if Boris' new care proposals become law and that most of us will be a lot worse off.

At present, everyone has to pay for their care from their assets until they only have £23250 left. Under the proposed scheme a couple will have to pay £160000 towards their care costs. If they have assets of over that amount they will get to keep them and pass them on in their wills. Couples with assets below that amount will lose everything except for their last £20000.

My house is not even worth the £80000 cap for individuals.

The rich will get to pass on their wealth so the members of each of their generations will be born with the assets needed to create wealth for themselves and their descendants, whilst new generations of the poor will always have to start from scratch.

Levelling up?

My arse!

Church In Wales Says “We Do”

The Church in Wales, part of the Anglican Communion, has decided to offer services of blessing to same-sex couples.

Its Governing Body, which is made up of three houses, voted with more than a two-thirds majority to allow the blessings to take place in a church after a marriage or civil partnership has taken place in a civic setting.

Among the laity, forty-nine were in favour, ten against and one person abstained. Among the clergy, twenty-eight were in favour, twelve were against and two people abstained. All four of the six bishops presents voted in favour.

Flying Bishop Flits Off

Jonathan Goodall, the flying bishop of Ebbsfleet (not a real diocese) has announced that he will be (officially) leaving the Church of England to become a Roman Catholic.

In a statement, he said, “I trust you all to believe that I have made my decision as a way of saying yes to God’s present call and invitation, and not of saying no to what I have known and experienced in the Church of England, to which I owe such a deep debt.”

That's true. Perhaps the Church of England should ask for its money back.

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

In England at the moment, we are experiencing shortages of certain goods because of labour shortages. For example, there are simply not enough seasonal farmworkers to get the harvest in or enough drivers to get stuff delivered. This is due, in part, to the coronavirus as, at any one time, there are a lot of people either ill or self-isolating. However, the main cause is Brexit. Businesses are no longer able to so easily import cheap labour from Eastern Europe. This means that for the first time since Margaret Thatcher emasculated the trade unions in the early 1980s, working people are (forgive the pun) in the driving seat. As they are no longer able to keep wages down by exploiting people from abroad who are prepared to work for low remuneration, employers are having to pay competitive rates and bonuses to attract the workforce they need.

Socialists should be rejoicing at this turn of events and I, for one, am loving it. However, the people who are bemoaning the situation more than anyone else are from the liberal left. This is because they are the ones who benefit most from the exploitation of cheap labour. Rich people can afford to buy what they want at any price, but comfortably off middle-class people need prices to be low if they are to afford the luxuries of modern life that are so important to them.

It is as I have always known; those who make up the liberal left in my country are not left at all. They only care about the poor and poorly paid when that caring does not impinge upon their own standard of living.

Church Militant

In England, security force operatives have uncovered a plot by radicalised Church of England extremists to take over the government of the country and impose strict canon law on everybody. Calling themselves the Anglicaniban, they are intent on making it compulsory for women to wear hats in church and on banning the consumption of any form of alcohol except pale cream sherry.

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

The English are always more than willing to take the piss out of someone they voted for; in fact, I think it might be compulsory. In America, they would rather die than admit the person they gave their vote to is a complete and utter dildo.

Salvation Everywhere And Anywhere

More than sixty per cent of born again Christians in America between the ages of eighteen and thirty-nine believe that Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus are all valid paths to salvation and over thirty per cent say they either believe that Jesus sinned just like other people when He lived on Earth or aren’t sure, according to a new study which interviewed three thousand one hundred Americans ages eighteen to fifty-five in 2020.

I blame the Episcopalians.

Deranged Illiterate Damages Statue

On the seventeenth of August, a nine-foot-tall bronze statue of the first ruler of the Sikh Empire, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, was vandalised at the Lahore Fort, in Pakistan, by an attacker who chanted slogans, broke an arm of the statue and dismantled the hero’s bust from the horse.

The vandal, who had at least one accomplice, was identified as a member of the fundamentalist Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, which had been banned earlier this year. He has been arrested.

This is the third attack against the statue since it was unveiled in 2019. The office of Pakistan’s Prime Minister condemned the attack, and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary blamed it on a deranged “illiterate.”

SOURCE: "Bitter Winter"

Going by the photograph, he is either deranged or one of those happy-clappy evangelicals. Or both, of course.

Jailed For Telling The Truth

The charity, Christian Solidarity Worldwide is calling for the immediate release of a Chinese journalist who was jailed for reporting on the pandemic.

Zhang Zhan was detained by Shanghai police for her reports from Wuhan on the coronavirus outbreak in May 2020.

Zhan uploaded videos on YouTube showing overcrowded hospitals, crematoriums and even interviews with people during the early stages of the pandemic. For this, she was convicted on charges of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble", a charge often used by Chinese authorities against human rights campaigners.

Since then, she has been on partial hunger strikes in protest against her detention but as a consequence, her health has seriously worsened.

At the time of her detention, Zhang told a friend she felt it was "God's will" for her to report on the pandemic despite the consequences as she had to "tell everyone the truth".

After her sentencing trial, Zhang Zhan said to her lawyer during their last meeting in January, "I will continue to fight in a Christian way, even at the cost of my life. I will make them (the Chinese authorities) repent, and I will continue to pray for God's great love to guide me."

SOURCE: "Premier Christian News"

We (quite rightly) demonise the Taliban but we do business with the Chinese government which is, in many ways, worse than the Taliban. Go figure!

Priest Admits He Gave Lesbian A Bit Of Bread

A Chicago police chaplain says he is "mortified" that he mistakenly gave Holy Communion to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic Christian in a same-sex marriage, during Thursday's funeral Mass for fallen city police officer Ella French.

In an interview Friday with Catholic News Agency, Fr. Dan Brandt said just moments prior to Communion he was asked by Cardinal Blase Cupich, the main celebrant, to take his place distributing the Eucharist and became flustered when he saw the mayor step forward as the first in his line.

"I actually gave her Communion, but she was the very first one up there and I wasn't supposed to give out Communion, and at the last second Cardinal Cupich said, 'I'm going to sit out Communion, you take my spot.' And so, I didn't know where I was going. I mean I was totally, the whole weekend was a blur. I was going on very little sleep. And anyways I'm making excuses but yes, she came up, and I put the sacred host in her hand and I was like 'Oh!' and of course it was too late at that point. And I was like, 'Oh dear God, have mercy.'"

"I can't apologize enough for anyone who's upset by the fact that she received the Eucharist. That is totally on me and I own it," he said. "And it was an honest mistake and I pray that your readers have the same mercy that I hope the Lord gives me."

Of course, we will never know, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if Cardinal Cupich ducked out and dodged the bullet on purpose.

Father Kills Son For Believing In Jesus

A twenty-year-old man in Uganda who had converted from Islam to Christianity was tied up and murdered by his own father on Sunday after he refused to forsake his faith in Jesus.

Tabiruka Tefiiro from Bupalama village in Kibuku district’s Buseta sub-county had been living and working in Kampala since his conversion to Christianity in 2019. Amid pressure from family members to return, Tefiiro agreed to come back on the first of August but he continued to refuse to recant his faith in Christ.

His Muslim father, Kasimu Kawona, who was away, returned on Saturday and called a family meeting to question Tefiiro about whether he had come back to Islam.

According to his aunt, Tefiiro told his father, “I am mature enough to join any religion that I feel like because I am above eighteen years old."

His father left home but returned on Sunday with a knife and hoe and struck Tefiiro, who managed to escape to a neighbour’s house.“

He followed Tefiiro and forcefully entered the house and forced him back to the homestead, where he tied him up and started beating him with the hoe,” the relative added. “He fell down unconscious. He then hanged him up.”

Kawona was not charged with murder but a lesser charge of manslaughter because he killed his son in anger for leaving Islam.

Grave News From Whitby

Church leaders at the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Whitby, North Yorkshire in England, have put up a poster in the entrance door which reads: "Please do not ask staff where Dracula's grave is as there isn't one. Thank you."

The church is located near Whitby Abbey and holds a cemetery ground mentioned in Bram Stoker's book, "Dracula," prompting many tourists to ask for the exact location of Dracula’s grave, forgetting that the world's most famous vampire never existed.

The grave that can be found, however, is that of a man named Swales who is also mentioned in the book.

Church Slammed For Blessing Guinea Pigs But Not Gay Couples

Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn, who married his husband, Daniel Funke in 2017, has criticised the Roman Catholic Church for its refusal to bless same-sex unions but says his religious faith remains strong. He described his relationship with the church as difficult at times.

“There are priests who bless guinea pigs and motorcycles,” Spahn said. “But two people who love each other and are believers wishing for a blessing for their promise to be there for each other all life long are being rejected by the church. This bothers and annoys me.”

Vaccination – An Act Of Love

Pope Francis issued a message yesterday, encouraging Roman Catholics to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as part of a global effort to reduce the onslaught of the pandemic and convince vaccine sceptics to get inoculated against the disease.

The Pope wrote, “Thanks to God and to the work of many, we now have vaccines to protect us from COVID-19. They grant us the hope of ending the pandemic, but only if they are available to all and if we work together. Being vaccinated with vaccines authorised by the competent authorities is an act of love. And contributing to ensure the majority of people are vaccinated is an act of love. Vaccination is a simple but profound way of promoting the common good and caring for each other, especially the most vulnerable.”

He added that he hopes that “everyone may contribute their own small grain of sand, their own small gesture of love.”

Masturbating Bishops Resigns

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Tomé Ferreira da Silva, the bishop of São José do Rio Preto, yesterday, five days after a sexually explicit video of the bishop was shared on the internet.

The minute-long video showed Bishop Ferreira da Silva on a video call with another man. In the video, the bishop, wearing a striped polo shirt, is seen masturbating.

This is not Bishop Ferreira da Silva’s first brush with controversy, and he has been investigated multiple times by the Vatican for alleged sexual misconduct or for covering up sexual misconduct. In 2015, he was accused of having a romantic relationship with his driver. Three years later, the diocese was investigated amid reports that the bishop had failed to investigate reports of abuse. He further was accused of sending sexually explicit messages to an adolescent.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that masturbation “is an intrinsically and gravely disordered action” and that “the deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.”

Oh, feck. We're all doomed then.

The Pope Shoots But Jesus Saves

Pope Francis was given a table football game at the end of his general audience by representatives of a Tuscany-based table football association, Sport Toscana Calcio Balilla in Altopascio. The table is designed to be inclusive and work well for people with physical disabilities to encourage their participation in sport.


Ned Flanders from "The Simpsons" is the inspiration for a new pair of sneakers that Adidas will be selling from October. They closely resemble the brown loafers that Ned wears and their green sides and pink inner collar are an obvious nod to Ned’s sweater and collared shirt combo.

The shoes are designed to be worn by both ‘righties’ and ‘lefties.’

Christian Girls Abducted

Two Christian teenage girls have been kidnapped at gunpoint in Pakistan.Cousins Simran and Sheeza were abducted outside their house in Warburton, in the Punjab province by two local Muslim men who attacked them and forced them into a rickshaw.

According to a statement from Simran's mother, Mumtaz Bibi the assailants pointed guns at the girls and threatened to kill them when nearby neighbours tried to intervene.

Simran's brother, who was present at the time of the kidnapping named the men as Ali Raza and Lali Iqbal.A case has been registered with local police enforcement, but the girls have yet to be returned home safely.

According to the Christian persecution charity Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), the victims' families are fearful for their wellbeing as several days have passed and they don't know whether the girls are still alive. There are concerns that the girls may be subjected to forced conversion to Islam and forced marriage, as this has become "an everyday matter" in Pakistan, according to Director CLAAS-UK Nasir Saeed.

He said: "Parents of young Hindu and Christian girls are fearful of their future in Pakistan."In this year alone we have recorded over two dozen cases, and the majority of cases are of Christian girls from Punjab."

SOURCE: "Premier Christian News"

The Christian left in the West needs to get over its obsession with not saying anything critical about people of other religions and start unreservedly standing up for the rights, safety and welfare of women throughout the world no matter who they might offend while doing so.

Historical Precedent

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am fully aware that the Christian armies committed atrocities during the Crusades, so you can shut up on that before you start. However, it is also true that one of the most despicable things that the Muslims did, again and again, was to promise their enemies that they would come to no harm if they surrendered and then massacred them when they did so.

I am just saying that they have form.

Sheikh Shrieks About Nude Women

The visit of the head of the opposition Syrian Islamic Council (SIC) to Azaz, which is under the control of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Aleppo countryside in northwestern Syria, has sparked a wide debate among Syrians due to the statements that the sheikh made in a sermon earlier this month.

In his sermon at Azaz Grand Mosque, Sheikh Rifai said that some Syrian women have become recruits of the United Nations and international organizations under humanitarian, relief and training covers to spread ideas about women’s emancipation.

He added, “There is a pronounced crowd of colonialists, infidels and misled people in the West, and they mobilised armies to divert young people from their values ​​and their upbringing. Did you know that there are women from our own country who come as recruits from the UN and other infidel organizations to spread ideas of what they call women’s emancipation and so-called gender under the slogan of empowering women and granting them freedom? They tell women that they are enslaved to their husbands, fathers or elder brothers, and ask them to ignore them and take their freedom. They then leak to them misguided ideas, nudity and everything that goes outside the circle of Islam. These are recruits from the West who are here to corrupt our women.”

Ah! That scandalous western nudity is getting everywhere. And I am with the sheikh on this one. All those nude women walking up and down the high street when you are just out to buy a loaf of bread is very unnerving, to say the least. At my age, I need to be careful about putting undue stress on my poor old heart.

Big Brother – Demonic Or Just Crap?

A pastor at the Family Worship Centre, Sarah Omakwu, has warned Nigerians against watching the "Big Brother Nigeria" reality television show. She claims that it is a satanic strategy that is not planned in heaven’s boardroom.

In a video posted online, she asks her viewers if Jesus Christ would watch the show if he was on earth.She further stated that the Holy Spirit will not be pleased that Christians are watching the show.

Omakwu said, “it has been brought to my attention that some of our members in the family worship centre and Christians, in general, are watching the Big Brother Nigeria programme.”

“So let me start by asking you a few questions Will Jesus watch Big Brother Nigeria? Is the Holy Spirit happy to sit with you and watch the programme? Has he cautioned you a few times and decided to leave you?”

”How is Big Brother Nigeria adding virtue, knowledge, self-control perseverance, brotherly kindness and love to you? How is it making you fruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ?”

“I want you to know that Satan is strategic. He is deliberate and patient. I doubt that the Big Brother project was planned in Heaven’s boardroom. It means it was planned outside of God.

“There is a plan and there is a target. You are the target. No, it is not just entertainment. the enemy plans to keep pushing the boundaries. Step by Step. Little by little until the lines completely disappear.

“Your defence and resistance wear out and you begin to practice what you see there and behold, Sodom and Gomorrah are upon on.

“If you notice, the Big Brother of five years ago is not like what they are showing now,” she said.

She is probably right.

Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow The World

The Taliban has declared that Islamic law will be implemented in Afghanistan and the entire world.

Its commander, Muhammed Arif Mustafa, told CNN that the Islamic law enforcement would take a gradual process as the extremist group was not in a hurry.

“One day, mujahedeen will have victory, and Islamic law will come not just to Afghanistan but all over the world,” Mr Mustafa said. “We are not in a hurry. We believe it will come one day. Jihad will not end until the last day.”

Of course, Christians should also believe in the eventual triumph of their god's law throughout all the nations but, at least, they have mostly stopped trying to bring it about through violence and coercion. This is a policy that Islam has not yet turned its back on and I personally believe, that due to its scriptures and origin myths, it never will.

Snogging Priest Shocks Ghanaians

In Ghana, a video of an Anglican priest (identified as Baltharzar Obeng Larbi) kissing female students has angered many Ghanaians and there have been calls for his sanctioning.

He purposely removed the face mask he was wearing to protect himself against Covid-19 before kissing the students who took turns to receive whatever blessing the Reverend Father may have promised them.

Congregation members made up of both elderly and young people are seen gleefully jumping and screaming to cheer up the man of God’s kissing spree.

However, some people have raised concerns about the moral wrongness of the kissing of the students by the priest while others also complained about the potential of it contributing to the spread of the Covid-19.

In response, The Internal Province of Ghana (Anglican Communion) today issued the following press release:

RE: Ghanaian Anglican Priest Kisses Female Students of
Monica's College of Education

The attention of the hierarchy of the Anglican Church, Ghana under the leadership of the Most Reverend Doctor Cyril Kobina Ben-Smith has been drawn to a circulating video of a priest kissing some female students at the Saint Monica's College of Education within the Asante-Mampong Diocese.

The Church is saddened by the news and wishes to state expressly that a thorough investigation has immediately been instituted into the matter and the action of the said priest will be dealt with in accordance with the norms and values of the Anglican Communion where morality is extremely revered in the Church.

Meanwhile. all efforts are being made to engage the students
concerned through counselling sessions to avert any psychological issues that may arise as a result of the viral video.

We count on your full cooperation.

Venerable Doctor George Dawson-Ahmoah
Executive Director to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Ghana

It Couldn’t Happen To A Nastier Person

A message from the Twitter account of Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, a conservative prelate and outspoken sceptic of the COVID-19 vaccine, confirmed Saturday (Aug. 14) via Twitter that he had been placed on a ventilator after testing positive for the virus.


I'm really looking forward to the release of "The Killing Fields II." Produced by Donald Trump and directed by Joe Biden. Featuring a full supporting cast of western democracies.

Twat Of The Day

The Nigeria Feminist Forum has condemned the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo’s recent remark on feminism and marriage.

This comes in reaction to Oyedepo’s criticism of women who identified themselves as feminists who he advised not to get married. During a recent sermon to his congregation, he warned women against joining the feminist movement as he stated that feminism would lead to frustration and devastation.

However, his remark did not sit well with members of the feminist movement. The NFF, through its Communications Officer, Angela Nkwo, said its members were not happy with Oyedepo’s view that the “Feminism movement leads to frustration and devastation.”

The group advised Oyedepo to focus on suggesting solutions to how the challenges confronting Nigeria could be subdued.

The statement read, “The Nigerian Feminist Forum (NFF) has condemned the comments credited to the celebrated cleric and founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo on feminism, saying he should proffer solutions to insecurity, inflation, amongst others confronting the nation.

“Casting huge aspersions on being a woman, its definition and expectations therein when he advised women against joining the feminist movement because it leads to frustration and devastation; contrary to the claims spread by people, feminism is about demanding gender equity, justice and access to equal resources for everyone, which will benefit families, communities and the wider society as a whole."

Al;l Change At Radio Two

Going by this screenshot of the BBC Sounds app, it would appear that veteran Radio Two DJ, Ken Bruce's sex reassignment surgery has gone exceedingly well indeed.

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Another Elephant On The Move

A royal elephant in Sri Lanka, carrying the tooth of the Buddha and protected by the government, is going on a ten-day journey to participate in the Kandy Esala Perahera, also known as the Festival of the Tooth, which is scheduled from August the fourteenth to twenty-fourth.

The festival is one of the grandest Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka, with the elephant parade being one of the biggest attractions.

Make OF COURSE, I COULD BE WRONG your go-to source for news about elephants on the move.

Blackpool Spirits Question Existence Of Covid

Signs in a Blackpool spiritualist shop window branding Covid-19 as a hoax have angered Charles and Rosemary Dawson, both aged seventy, a husband and wife who have battled the virus.

Charles, a part-time bus driver, said: “I went into hospital on the ninth of January and I was in there for two and a half months. Rosemary was at home at the same time fighting the virus while I was at Blackpool Vic. It really was touch and go and they put me on a ventilator which I was on for three weeks and apparently I died three times."

The owner of the shop, Victoria Mackay, told her local newspaper that she knows Covid-19 is not a hoax and that people have died from the virus but the sign is there to intentionally provoke a reaction.

She said: “I will never apologise for my sign as I believe it needs to provoke thought. Because I work directly with the spirit world, I am getting all of these messages which has told me something is not quite right."

If the spirits are referring to her then they are spot on, in my opinion.

SOURCE: "Blackpool Gazette"

Twat Of The Day

The Presiding Bishop of the Cape Coast Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, Most Rev. Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo, says his church fully supports the anti-LGBTQI+ bill currently before Parliament and will continue to support efforts and deliberation to ensure its passage into law. He said the bill was one of the major steps in discouraging the practice of LGBTI in the country.

Eight-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Blasphemy

At the end of July this year, an eight-year-old Hindu boy accidentally entered a madrassa in Bhong, in Punjab’s Rahim Yar Khan district.

On being reprimanded by the cleric, Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim, for loitering in the madrassa, the boy allegedly urinated in his clothes out of fear. Ibrahim lodged a police complaint claiming that the Hindu boy intentionally peed in the madrassa and desecrated religious books.

The eight-year-old was booked under 295-A of the Pakistan Penal Code, which carries imprisonment up to ten years for “deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class by words, or by visible representations.” This made him the youngest victim in Pakistan’s turbulent history of blasphemy law.

After a local court granted him bail, an online anti-Hindu campaign led by cleric Razzaq Soomro continued unchecked. This eventually resulted in a mob of more than a hundred people attacking the Ganesh temple in Bhong. They vandalised the temple and desecrated the deities. Shops of the Hindu community were shut down, while several families fled the area fearing backlash from blasphemy violence.

Fearful of their fates, the Hindu boy and his family remain in hiding.

Banking On Angels

The Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (FCIID) of the Nigeria Police Force has detained the blogger and vlogger, Israel Goodnews Balogun on a charge of criminal defamation and cyberstalking for criticising the founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman over the cleric's claim that he commanded angels to deposit money in the bank accounts of some members of his congregation.

Balogun, in a video, had debunked the claims made by Suleman that he commanded angels to deposit money in the bank accounts of some worshippers in Auchi, Edo State, and Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Counsel for Balogun, Barrister Inibehe Effiong stated, "Apostle Suleman is yet to present his miracle money angels. We hope that the police will ask him to do so as part of their investigation since the Nigeria Police Force has deemed the ludicrous claims by Apostle Suleman worth investigating and detaining a citizen for."

The Icing On The Cake

A slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake has sold for one thousand eight hundred and fifty pounds ($2,565) at auction, more than forty years after the couple married. Gerry Layton, a royal supporter from Leeds, bought the cake topping and marzipan base for his collection of memorabilia.

SOURCE: The Guardian

Warning: Always Get Your Wife’s Permission First

Some forty Hungarian husbands, with their wives on their backs, clambered over rough terrain on Saturday in the nation's second wife-carrying contest. A previous race in October attracted only a dozen couples.

"We have just emerged from a difficult period due to the coronavirus and we need to go and have fun in the open air," Gergely Guraly, who organised the race, told Reuters.

Guraly began preparations in January for the contest, which is said to have origins dating back to the Viking age. In modern times, the tradition is particularly established in Finland, where it has taken place since the 1990s. Estonian races have lent their name to the Estonian style of wife-carrying, with the wife upside down and her feet over her husband's shoulders, rather than a classic piggyback. Mark Mazacs and his wife Anett chose the piggyback technique.

"We devised a strategy, figuring out the best way of carrying my wife on my back," Mark Mazacs said.

SOURCE: Reuters 

Clean Round The Bend

The head of the phoney Genesis II church, "Archbishop" Mark Grenon, who is in jail in La Picota penitentiary in Bogotá, Colombia, awaiting extradition to the US to face trial for selling bleach fluids as a “miracle cure” for Covid-19 is continuing to tout the potentially fatal products from his prison cell through social media and text messages. He has revealed that he is obtaining the product through secret channels and that the chemicals are in plentiful supply in the jail.

He added that more than 75 prisoners were taking the “cure” as a remedy for a range of ailments including diabetes and gastritis.

Grenon and three of his sons were indicted by a grand jury in Miami in April. They face potentially long prison sentences for fraudulently marketing and selling a product they call MMS or “Miracle Mineral Solution”, which they say is a miracle cure for Covid, cancer, malaria and many other illnesses. In fact, the chemicals are routinely used as a bleach in textile and other industrial processes.

Despite his incarceration, Grenon remains a powerhouse of medical misinformation. He circulates anti-vaxxer videos attempting to dissuade people from getting vaccinated against Covid. He also continues to encourage parents of children as young as six, who have been infected with Covid, to give their kids baths in the bleach solution and to make them swallow bleach powder in capsule form as a purported remedy for the illness.

SOURCE: "The Guardian"

Who Will Save The Word?

Roman Catholics from Vietnam’s northern diocese of Vinh have appealed for Saint Anthony of Padua’s intercession to contain the coronavirus pandemic raging in the country.

Nine-day novena prayers and Masses were organised at the St. Anthony of Padua Pilgrim Center in Trai Gao in Nghi Loc district of Nghe An province. The novena ended on the eleventh of August.

Peter Nguyen Cong Lich from Xa Doai Cathedral Parish said his family attended all online services during the novena. “Saint Anthony is known for loving those who are in misery, so we completely trust in him to save our country and the world from the deadly pandemic,” he said.

New Topping

In England, the supermarket giant, Asda, has launched a new pizza topping in its stores that has been greeted with much derision, especially from pizza purists.

When NewFoodsUK uploaded a photo of Asda's new Southern Fried Chicken and Gravy pizza to its Facebook page, hundreds of shoppers were quick to share their opinions on the item.

One shopper said: "Gravy and pizza NNNNOOOOO!" and a second wrote: "Gravy on a pizza just wrong."

A third said: "No gravy on a pizza is wrong."

A fourth shopper added: "How revolting is that" and a fifth said: "This sounds awful."

A sixth wrote: "Look at this actual abomination."

Another said: "No...just no."

Me? I'm a ham and pineapple pizza fan myself which places me about as far from pizza connoisseurship as you can possibly get.

Me, Me, Me

Roman Catholic gymnast, Simone Biles, sparked a stir on Monday when she announced on her Instagram stories that she is “very much pro-choice.”

She had asked her Instagram followers to submit their “unpopular opinions,” which she would then comment on. One of her fans made the submission “abortion is wrong.”

Biles replied, “I already know this is going to start the biggest argument and may even lose followers but I’m very much pro-choice.” “Your body, your choice,” said Biles.

With her recent media hogging shenanigans at the Olympics in which she vaulted onto the current celebrity mental health bandwagon, her obsession with social media followers and now this trotting out of the "my body, my choice" mantra, Simone Biles is proving to be the very exemplar of the modern zeitgeist.

he Devil Made Him Do It

The founder of Hillsong, a charismatic Christian megachurch based in Australia, who has recently been charged with allegedly concealing his father’s abuse of other children, has been preaching in America about how the Devil tries to kill church unity and destroy people’s zeal for the gospel.

Preaching at James River Church in Missouri, Brian Houston spoke about how Satan "steals, kills and destroys" the good things in life, such as church unity, joy, zeal and generosity.

Actually, I think it is people like his perverted father who do that and without any help from the Devil. Those in authority who cover up the sins of abusers are greatly to blame, as well.

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