Of Course, I Could be Wrong

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News Not In

BREAKING NEWS: New Church of England bishop, Libby Lane, is suing all the male bishops involved in the laying on of hands at her consecration for sexual harassment in the workplace. That's women for you - you just can't win.

On Lord Bishops Etc.

I'm wondering that as Church of England priests are allowed to not accept the authority of female bishops on theological grounds if I would be allowed to not accept the authority of both female and male bishops on theological grounds.

Certainly Christ's commandment to his disciples not to lord it over each other is a lot more plain than the somewhat dubious ontological arguments used by the anti female bishop brigade to back up their position.

I mean if being a member of the House of Lords is not lording it over big time I don't know what is.

Libby Lane Is In My Ears And In My Eyes

I expect the fact that I'm suffering from the dreaded lurgi didn't help but when I watched the first female bishop in the Church of England being consecrated at York Minster yesterday I felt absolutely nothing except slight distaste. I accept that it was necessary for there to be equality but, honestly, is what the episcopacy now is, something to crave equality in? Personally, I don't think so.

And the pomp and ceremony! What the heck has all that got to do with Jesus of Nazareth?

To be honest there was a time when it meant a lot to me and I have known people who have become Christians through experiencing such high ritual and because of the splendour of the places in which such theatre takes place. But it means nothing to me now. I still demand that liturgy is done well but now I also need simplicity.

We have a paradigm for good liturgy in the Last Supper - keep it friendly, keep it personal, keep it simple, keep it relevant. Perhaps Libby Lane should have held her promotion do at McDonald's or whilst eating a plate of spaghetti at her local Italian restaurant.

Holy Communion For The Third Sunday After The Epiphany

duccio_di_buoninsegna__maesta_back__predella__the_calling_of_st__peter_and_st__andrewJesus calls us individually to be part of his community of followers so that we may more effectively proclaim the good news of God throughout the world. When we eat and drink together in communion we are brought closer to God and his kingdom that is very near.

At Saint Laika’s everyone is invited to receive communion and be in communion. There are no exceptions. If you have been pushed out of a church in the past or if you do not feel part of the institutional churches, for whatever reason, you are especially welcome here, and you will be among people who know exactly how you feel. If you want to physically partake of communion you will require a small piece of bread and a small amount of drink (preferably made from grapes and containing alcohol). How you view the nature of this part of the service is completely up to you.

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