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Holy Communion For The Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost


Christ commands us to love one another and to be in communion with each other. At Saint Laika’s everyone is invited to receive communion and be in communion. There are no exceptions. If you have been pushed out of a church in the past or if you do not feel part of the institutional churches, for whatever reason, you are especially welcome here, and you will be among people who know exactly how you feel.

If you want to physically partake of communion you will require a small piece of bread and a small amount of drink (preferably made from grapes and containing alcohol). How you view the nature of this part of the service is completely up to you.

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MadPriest’s TV Update

Don’t forget that this Saturday sees the beginning of the first series of the controversial TV knockout competition, “Celebrity Surgery.” (Channel 4 at 2200hrs).

The big idea of this somewhat macabre programme is to get minor celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, sport and politics to compete against each other to discover which one of them is the best (or, perhaps more accurately, the least lethal) with a scalpel. Each week, those remaining in the competition will be expected to perform a surgical procedure on a real life member of the public with a real life infirmity. The operations get more complicated as the weeks go by. The first week you can expect the removal of an ingrowing toenail at the most but by the final episode the celebrities will be expected to be performing transplants of major organs. Although they will only have theatre nurses to help them with the actual operations, each celebrity will spend the week beforehand being instructed on how to “do it” by a fully qualified surgeon from one of the leading teaching hospitals.

Each week the least proficient celebrity and their accompanying surgeon will be thrown out of the competition, their incompetence having been assessed by a panel of expert judges and the votes of viewers. OCICBW… can reveal that the three judges for the first series will be Hugh Laurie from “House”, Rosie Marcel from “Holby City” and Martin Clunes from “Doc Martin”. Martin should be particularly knowledgeable as the general practitioner he plays in “Doc Martin” used to be a surgeon before succumbing to an irrational fear of the sight of blood (haemophobia).

“Celebrity Surgery” is a production of the Crazy Cleric Film Company who are best known for their other medical show, “Dancing With Dentists.”


Father Jonathan Really Needs Your Help

MadPriest is exceedingly pleased that he has managed to fit (seamlessly and applicably, of course) a Bugsy Malone number into this coming Sunday’s holy communion podcast from Saint Laika’s. Oh, yes!!!

MadPriest would like to get in touch with any other priest in the world who will be kicking off holy communion on “Render Unto Caesar” Sunday with a stonking hammond organ version of The Beatle’s “Taxman.” Oh, yes!!!

Fresh expressions? Emergent Church?

Others talk about doing it, write about doing it,
preach about it and attend seminars all about it.

At Saint Laika’s we actually do it.


The thing is, this online ministry is my only ministry and my only source of income. My friends generously donate around £500 every month and I just about survive on that. However, when a cost out of the ordinary comes along, I’m scuppered.

I would like to go on my once a year (it’s all I can afford) visit to my family down south this weekend to take them their Christmas presents. Although I’ve scraped together the petrol money to get there, I do not have enough cash to get back and I have absolutely no spending money whatsoever (and a pub meal together would be nice). So please, if you really do support new ways of ministry and a liberal catholic, Christian presence on the Internet, and you don’t already donate to Saint Laika’s and if you can afford to do so, send us some dosh. I will be very grateful for whatever you can spare.

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