Of Course, I Could be Wrong

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News From America

Nadejda Reilly, 51, was arrested on the seventh of January after she was involved in a head-on collision with a car on a major north-south highway in the US. She had been reportedly driving for several hours waiting for a “calling from God” when she saw a car driving on the opposite side. According to the affidavit from Pennsylvania police, she allegedly “wanted to test her faith by driving through the vehicle” and deliberately drove her car into the opposing lane of traffic.

Ms Reilly and two of the other car’s passengers were injured and taken to Lehigh Hospital-Hazleton. A third passenger was unharmed. Reilly expressed no concern or remorse for the victims stating that “she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.”

Reilly was originally granted bail at US$50,000 but the judge revoked it last Wednesday after he determined she was a threat to herself and the community. #noshitsherlock

News From Kenya

A Kilifi Bishop, Thomas Kakala of Jesus Cares Centre Ministries, has revealed that the locust invasion being witnessed in several parts of the country is a ‘plague’ that is biblical and was brought by ‘God’ to punish the nation after the leadership erred.

Speaking in his Malindi office, the preacher said locusts were among 10 punishments issued by God in Egypt because the ruler then was arrogant and against the will of God.

Kakala insists ”Kenya must change and turn to God, people should repent their sins, and this begins with the King to call his prophets and organize a national prayer day.”

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( about the Beast )

I have always assumed that the Antichrist was Nero or some other enemy of Christianity back in the First Century A.D. However, having just watched Trump speaking at Davos earlier today in which he used the language of hope to persuade his listeners to abandon hope, I have to admit I am beginning to entertain the decidedly unenlightened proposition that John the Revelator was, in fact, referring to a twenty-first-century A.D. president of the United States of America.

Yes, I know it sounds silly and unscientific but, on the other hand, isn’t scientific fact supposed to be based on empirical evidence?

When WOKE Goes Bad

Graham Hill, a visiting research fellow at the University of Leeds’ School of Law, has an article published by the academic website, The Conversation, today concerning Asian grooming gangs in England and how ethnicity made authorities wary of investigating the child sexual abuse they were perpetrating. You can read his full essay HERE.

This sandal is the most tragic consequence of the liberal tendency to shut down conversations through shaming. In The Guardian today, there is a vitriolic piece by columnist, Suzanne Moore in which she lays into the actor, Laurence Fox for stating his opinion on the BBC’s “Question Time” that the criticism of Meghan was not racist. The title of the article, “I’d never heard of Laurence Fox until he started lecturing us about racism,” is indicative of her and many other liberals’ methodology of putting down the opposition.

Personally, I think Fox was wrong in his appraisal of the situation, although I believe the racism of the English press is anti-American rather than a colour of skin thing. However, the man is entitled to his opinion and should be free to express it without the massed ranks of the liberal media mafia demonising him as a warning to others who might dare to go off-message.

Laurence Fox’s career has more than likely, been seriously damaged by liberal attacks on his character following his comments; no wonder the police are worried about acting in ways that might be deemed as politically incorrect even when the law of the land and their duty to protect dictates that they should.

Found In Translation

As reported in The Guardian.

Facebook has blamed a technical error for Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appearing as “Mr Shithole” in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese, apologising for any offence caused and saying the problem had been fixed.

The error came to light on the second day of a visit by the president to Myanmar, where Xi and state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi signed dozens of agreements covering massive Beijing-backed infrastructure plans.

A statement about the visit published on Suu Kyi’s official Facebook page was littered with references to “Mr Shithole” when translated to English, while a headline in local news journal the Irrawaddy appeared as “Dinner honours president shithole”.

News From Zambia

Controversial Zambian International Prophet DD Isaac is reported to have caused a stir at his Holy Ghost Embassy church on Sunday when he allegedly turned water into wine. According to eyewitnesses, he poured water into a glass and after “ministration” the water turned into a wine like substance.

This incident left congregants baffled as to whether this was really a miracle or a scam.

South Africa based religious analyst Shephard Ben Abraham said the miracle of turning water into wine is being used by alcohol consumers to justify their acts.

“While there is nothing wrong with miracles, these kind of miracles of turning water into wine are fueling reckless drinking,” Shephard said. “I would advise pastors to desist from these kind of miracles for the sake of the society.”

Spirit In The Sky

As reported in “The Sun”

Caroline Hawthorne was left gobsmacked after a Jesus-like figure appeared in the sky above her house in Birmingham.

The forty-two-year-old, who was making a cup of tea at the time, said she was stunned after she spotted the bizarre formation from her kitchen window.

She said: “It was really odd, the sky was quite cloudy and there was this weird cloud formation. People have been telling me it looks like an angel or Jesus with his arms outstretched.”

News Just In……

Scientists at the Large Hardon Collider announced today that they have discovered what dark matter consists of. It’s all the bits of tinsel that get left behind when Christmas trees are taken down at the end of Christmas and which people spend the next six months of the year trying to hoover up.

Professor Brian Cox (not the Scottish actor but the other one) quipped, “We have spent years looking for neutrinos five miles underground and exotic particles being ejected from black holes and all the while the pesky stuff was caught up in the carpet in my front room.”

The Wise Men And The Star

The proper place for stars is in the sky
lighting the whole world, but negotiating only
with the highly qualified – master mariners, astrophysicists,
professionals like ourselves.

This one came unscheduled, nudged us roughly
out of routine, led us a wild goose chase,
and perching here, above unspeakable rafters,
common as a starling on a washing line,
whistles to every callow Dick and Harry,
idling amazed around, “OK, pals, I’ve done my bit.
Over to you, now, Earth.”

( UA Fanthorpe, 1929-2009 )

Putting The Mass Back In Christmas

I do not know if it is the same elsewhere but in England, we are being encouraged by the medical profession and others to observe “Dry January,” during which not a drop of alcohol should pass our lips. This is to sober us up after the Christmas and New Year holidays during which, it is assumed, we all spent our time either drunk or getting drunk.

It strikes me that this is all very much back to front. Surely the idea is (or, at least, used to be) to fast before Christmas and then celebrate the end of the fast. Instead, we now celebrate, often overenthusiastically, before Christmas and then fast, because of shame and guilt, afterwards. Advent, the time of repentance, has been moved from before the celebration to after it.

Nowadays we have to have everything we desire immediately. We cannot abide waiting and will take on ridiculously expensive debts to get what we want before we can afford it. We no longer want to wait for Christmas and so we are celebrating it earlier and earlier each year. In the same way that we are not prepared to save up for things we desire, we are not prepared to prepare ourselves for Christmas by observing a period of restraint. When we get to Christmas Day we are pretty much celebrated out and the holiday itself is often a major anticlimax, a disappointment.

In medieval times, the fast of Advent was observed with strict fasting and no decorations were put up until Christmas Eve. There then followed twelve full days of celebration, made more welcome and intense by the deliberate privation of the previous four weeks. Make no mistake, they knew how to party back then and there was much feasting and quaffing. However, unlike today, everybody knew what the festivities were all about. Nobody was getting drunk just for the sake of it. Everybody was celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, their messiah, and the forgiveness of their sins. There were twelve days of merriment but there were also twelve days of religious observation. You had to sober up at least once a day to go to church.

In modern times we have lost both the desire and the ability to prepare for Christmas and to celebrate it properly. This means that most people end up with nothing but a hangover, both physical and existential. This is a shame. January should be the time when we are joyful because of the good news of the Incarnation, not miserable because of meaningless overindulgence, so over the top that it necessitates a whole month of cold turkey.

News Just In

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of England, used the opportunity of his New Year message this year to say, “Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah-di-blah blah.”

In response, my wife remarked, “Hypocritical bastard.”

She will never forgive them.

A Folk Nine Lessons And Carols 2019

The return of the legendary Saint Laika’s “A Folk Nine Lessons And Carols.”

Pour yourself a glass of festive cheer, grab your nuts and your tin of Quality Street
and settle ye down to celebrate this Christmastide in the best way possible.

Click on the arrow on the left of the player below to listen to the service.

Click on the link below for the order of service and details of the music featured.

The Village Choir. John Watkins Chapman (Fl.1853-1903). Oil On Canvas.

Thanks, For Nothing

Today, I received a Christmas card from the bishop of Durham. I would much rather have received a job offer or an apology on behalf of the Church of England.

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of my sacking for suffering from depression.

The Party Of Labour

In the run-up to the general election, the Labour Party made a big thing about their concern for the poorest and most disadvantaged members of British society and in its response to its overwhelming defeat at the polls has bitterly cited the effect a Tory government will have on the wellbeing of such people. This plays well to idealistic young voters and liberal-minded people who are themselves, financially comfortable.

Such concern for the left-behind of our nation should remain central in Labour Party policy. However, if Labour is to be successful in its attempt to win back its traditional voters who switched to the Conservatives in order to “get Brexit done” it has to start talking louder about working people who are not destitute but who are struggling to keep their heads above water because of the increasing bias to the obscenely rich in our society. When such people hear politicians talking about rough sleepers, refugees and the like all the while, even the most compassionate of them are going to think, “Hang on a minute, what about us?”

The Labour Party needs to reembrace its original reason to exist which was to represent the interests of labouring people which, nowadays includes those who slave away in call-centres and in retail parks for little reward as much as those few who still work in heavy industry.

What We Don’t Want Is A Tory Lite Labour Party

There is no need for the Labour Party to ask themselves why they lost to the Torys in Labour heartlands as the answer is simple – Brexit. What they need to do is ask themselves why they held on to seats in Labour heartlands, such as the North Durham constituency I live in and Sunderland which voted big time to leave the E.U. in the Referendum. Obviously, there was something about Corbyn’s manifesto that they liked enough to risk not getting their way on Brexit for.

Blairites would have us believe that working-class voters voted against renationalisation and getting rid of university tuition fees, but they did not. They voted against a second referendum on Brexit and for a stable government as quickly as possible. They do not want a centre-left Labour Party whose MPs would rather hob-nob with advertising executives and super-rich pop-stars than the unemployed at the Durham Miners’ Gala. They want old Labour back, the party that used to champion the rights and aspirations of working people, when they were in work and when they were out of it.

Only One Satan

From some of the things that are being written about Boris Johnson today, you would think he was the devil incarnate. But he can’t be; Margaret Thatcher was.

Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( on what went wrong )

There were only two reasons for the Tories winning the election so convincingly. The first was Brexit and the second was the fact that Boris Johnson has excellent communication skills whilst Jeremy Corbyn does not.

Brexit is now a done deal and we on the left would be wise to let it lie and get on with promoting socialism within the new dispensation. Finding a charismatic socialist Labour leader to replace Corbyn will be difficult as there does not appear to be an obvious candidate and the Blairites are determined to install a centrist at the helm.

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