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Free Stuff

Whether you’re a well-versed fan or a newbie to his irresistible old-school rock grooves, this special JD McPherson 4-song digital EP is the perfect addition to your collection. Available for a limited time, you’ll get a sample from every JD McPherson release – including his forthcoming 2015 album Let the Good Times Roll. As a special holiday treat, we’re also offering his infectious Christmas tune “Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights).


Tony Lucca – “Nashville”
Matt Duke – “Leaving”
Ryan Star – “Bullet”
Honor By August – “Last Chance” (acoustic)
Andrea Nardello – “Home To Me”
Todd Carey – “Friday Night”
Ken Yates – “The One That Got Away”
Brendan James – “He Loved”
Toby Lightman – “Shine Shine”
Ken Yates – “New York Rain”
Andrea Nardello – “One Good Reason Why”
Honor By August – “Little Black Dress”

Free Stuff

Bahamas (Singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen) recently visited the studios at The Current in St. Paul, MN to perform songs off his new self explanatory album Bahamas is Afie, out now on Brushfire Records.

Listen in on intimate performances of “Bitter Memories” and “Stronger Than That” from the new album, and “I Got You Babe” off Jurvanen’s 2012 effort, Barchords.


I wrote the words for “Am I Still The One For You?” out on the road as a kind of a broken-love-tale between me and America, about not quite feeling so proud of being an American. Yet everything I give a shit about, everything I’m interested in is right here, right in front of me in the middle of the USA. We made “Am I Still The One For You?” the title track, and picked 3 more songs that we recently recorded and have not released and then added 14 more that were on some other records. When I look at the all these songs together I realize that even though we picked them quickly, and I thought randomly, they’re connected. Big dreams, little failures, shit jobs, hard life, slow death, celebration, backsliders, insiders, outsiders, fighting, quitting or just getting by, these are the things that are right in front of me, things that are all pretty fucking American, and the things that seem to connect these songs. (Ike Reilly)

UK Tribal Update

I have just watched Alex Salmond’s final speech in the Scottish Assembly. He must have said the word “Scotland,” or a derivative, at least once every other sentence. No doubt, if a politician was making a goodbye speech in the Welsh assembly they would mention Wales as many times. The same would be true in France and Germany and in most countries in the world. In the United States, if a politician does not say “the American people” in every sentence of a speech he or she would probably be lynched. The only country in the world, as far as I know, where this sort of patriotic namedropping would never occur is England. This is because the English do not have an assembly of politicians that are all English or which only discusses English matters.

I would be happy if there was only one Parliament for the whole United Kingdom but as this is no longer the case the only fair political system has to be of a federal nature. Any fudge that avoids this fact will lead to the further impoverishment of the English regions, especially those that border Scotland as they cannot out-bribe Scotland when trying to attract new business and the government in Westminster won’t bribe companies on their behalf as they don’t want to upset the Scots who make up a large part of its membership.

Slaves To The System

Somebody leaves me a message on my answerphone to ring him back to confirm an appointment. Which I do.

Receptionist: “Good afternoon, Talking Changes.”
Me: “Good afternoon. I have a message for Steve ****.”
Receptionist: “What is your date of birth?”

A number? I’m not a number!!!”

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