Of Course, I Could be Wrong

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Holy Communion For The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost


Saint Laika’s is for everyone. Here everybody is encouraged to eat and drink in remembrance of Jesus Christ, just as he commanded his followers to do. No one is excluded and if you have been pushed out of a church in the past or if you do not feel part of the institutional churches, for whatever reason, you are especially welcome here.

If you want to physically partake of communion you will require a small piece of bread and a small amount of drink (preferably made from grapes and containing alcohol). How you view the nature of this part of the service is completely up to you.

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Stepping Out

This YouTube clip is the beginning of a documentary that was made about three years ago but which I only watched for the first time last night. If you get the chance do watch it yourself as it is a charming coming of age story, tastefully and gently directed, with the loveliest ending ever that will stop you whittling about young people nowadays for quite a while. The Educational Fail Award of the century must certainly go to Jamie’s head of year.

Those Illiberal Liberals

I’ve just discovered (on somebody else’s Facebook page) that it’s not because I don’t spell everything out that people insist on attacking me for things that I didn’t actually say. The truth is that even if you do spell everything out very clearly, with lots of “of course I don’t means” and that sort of thing people will still attack you for things you didn’t actually say. Unless you absolutely tow the party line the gatekeepers of liberalism (and I expect the gatekeepers of conservatism if you happen to be in that camp) will go for you like African hunting dogs descending on their prey.

These gatekeepers deliberately close down all discussion by their rabid responses to any suggestion of an alternative scenario and are killing the Enlightenment vision. You see it on Facebook, you see it in academia, among artists and scientists, philosophers and theologians. You see it in the media and it is most apparent in our political institutions from the grass roots all the way up to the United Nations.


Bashed By Bishops

There’s an article in this week’s “Durham Times” about a new biography of Justin Welby. I quote:

“There were other problems too. Churches were ageing and priests were in short supply. Bishop Welby had ten Durham parishes he was unable to send clergy.”

I’ve been suffering from a tooth abscess this last week. They are bloody painful but they don’t hurt you half as much as people can and often do, even those who are self proclaimed “risk takers and reconcilers.”

Where Does He Find Them?


I am going to have to give a serious number of days off Purgatory to anybody who manages to get all the way through this one. I think 2000 days should be about right although I’m sure anybody who bucks up the courage to press play is going to accuse me of being more than a bit mean.

Episcopal Crocodile Tears

Any bishop or archdeacon in the Church of England who posts an “isn’t it sad about Robin Williams” piece of their Facebook page or blog today is a hypocritical, two faced bastard. The fact that not one of them offered me any practical help or support whatsoever when I was sacked by one of their number for having depression is proof that they are perfectly happy to let depressives top themselves. Heck, the Bishop of Glasgow, when I asked him for help, told me he didn’t want me in his diocese because I would “bring too much baggage with me.”

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