The Calendar

Because St. Laika's is a post-denominational Christian community we celebrate the saints of many traditions as well as a few unique to ourselves. The people we remember in our calendar lived in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, especially in respect of loving both God and neighbour. Hopefully, our list of saints reflects the moral priorities of the members of the St. Laika community. However it is not fixed in stone. If you believe that an individual or group should be added to the calendar please send in your suggestion along with the reasons for it. The community will then decide if a new commemoration should be included or not. And remember, St. Laika's is not about telling you what to do. You are an intelligent person. If you want to celebrate the life of a person who is not on the list or completely ignore the feast of one who is, go ahead. It is entirely up to you.


All the Sundays of the year
Ash Wednesday
Mothering Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent)
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Eve
Easter Day
Ascension Day
Trinity Sunday
Corpus Christi
Christ the King (Sunday before Advent)


1     The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus
2     Seraphim, Monk of Sarov
5     Kaj Munk
6     The Epiphany
8     Harriet Bedell and Mary Slessor
10   Narciso Pico
13   Margaret Fell and George Fox
14   Kentigern
15   Eivind Berggrav
17   Antony and Pachomius
18   Amy Carmichael
22   Alexander Men
23   Phillips Brooks
24   Ordination of Florence Li Tim-Oi
25   The Conversion of Paul 
26   Timothy, Titus, and Silas
27   Lydia, Dorcas, and Phoebe
28   Meister Eckhart
29   Andrei Rublev
31   Juan Bosco, Samuel Shoemaker

1     Christian Victims of Religious Persecution
2     Candlemas
3     The Dorchester Chaplains
5     Anne Hutchinson
6     William Lloyd Garrison and Maria Stewart
8     Josephine Bakhita
12   Fanny Crosby and Dorothy Stang
13   Absalom Jones
15   Thomas Bray
16   Janani Luwum
17   Giordano Bruno and Kizito Mihigo
18   Martin Luther
20   Frederick Douglass
21   John Henry Newman
22   Eric Liddell
24   Matthias 
26   Emily Malborne Morgan
27   George Herbert and Gregory of Narek
28   Anna Julia Haywood Cooper,
Elizabeth Evelyn Wright
29   John Cassian

1     David
2     Chad
8     Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy
9     Edward King
10   Sojourner Truth and Harriet Ross Tubman
14   Marianella García Villas
17   Patrick
19   Joseph of Nazareth
20   Cuthbert
21   Thomas Cranmer
23   Paul Couturier, Gregory the Illuminator
24   Oscar Romero, Ignacio Ellacuría and the UCA Martyrs
25   The Annunciation
29   John Keble
30   Thea Bowman
31   John Donne and Thomas Traherne

1     Frederick Denison Maurice
4     Martin Luther King Jr.
5     Pandita Mary Ramabai and Charles Freer Andrews
6     Emily Ayckbowm
8     William Augustus Muhlenberg
9     Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Maximilian Kolbe and Etty Hillesum
10   William Law, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
11   George Augustus Selwyn
15   Damien and Marianne
16   Isabella Gilmore and Elizabeth Ferard
22   John Muir and Hudson Stuck
23   Toyohiko Kagawa
24   Leonard Melki, Thomas Saleh and the martyrs
and victims of the Armenian Genocide
27   Christina Rossetti
29   Catherine of Siena
30   Marie de l’Incarnation

1     Philip and James
2     Athanasius
8     Julian of Norwich
10   Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf
11   Josimo Moraes Tavares
13   Frances Perkins
14   Joseph Barsabbas
16   The Martyrs Of Sudan
17  Caroline Chisholm
18   Mary McLeod Bethune
21   Godric of Finchale
23   Emil Kapaun
24   John and Charles Wesley
25   Bede
30   Josephine Butler and Apolo Kivebulaya
31   The Visitation

1     Justin Martyr
3     Arthur Pierson and Charles Spurgeon
4     John XXIII
7     Pioneers of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil
8     Thomas Ken
9     Columba
10   Ephrem of Edessa
11   Barnabus 
14   Cosme Spezotto 
15   Evelyn Underhill
19   Sundar Singh
22   Alban
24   The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
25   James Weldon Johnson
26   Isabel Hapgood
29   Peter

1     Harriet Beecher Stowe, John and Henry Venn
2     W. Rauschenbusch, W. Gladden and Jacob Riis
6     Jan Hus
11   Benedict of Nursia
12   Nathan Söderblom
14   Samson Occom
15   George Tyrrell
16   Arthur Broome
17   Jane Haining
18   Bartolomé de las Casas
19   Adelaide Teague Case
20   The Martyrs of La Rioja
21   Albert Lutuli
22   Mary Magdalene
23   Bridget of Sweden
24   Thomas a Kempis
25   James 
29   Mary, Martha and Lazarus
30   William Wilberforce

1     Joseph of Arimathaea
3     George Freeman Bragg, Jr. and W. E. B. Du Bois
4     Jean-Baptiste Vianney
5     Adin Ballou
6     The Transfiguration
7     John Mason Neale
9     Herman of Alaska
10   Lawrence
11   Clare and John Krejci
12   William Blake
13   Octavia Hill, Florence Nightingale
14   Jonathan Daniels
15   Dormition of the Theotokos
16   Brother Roger of Taize, Charles Grandison Finney
18   Alberto Hurtado
21   Mauricio Lefébvre
23   Martin de Porres, Rose of Lima
and Turibius of Mogrovejo

24   Bartholomew
27   Hélder Câmara
28   Moses the Black
29   Beheading of John the Baptist
30   John Bunyan
31   Aidan

1     Giles of Provence
3     Prudence Crandall
4     Paul Jones, David Jenkins
5    John Bradburne
6     Beyers Naudé
7     Elie Naud
8     Nativity of Mary
9     Mother Esther
10   Constance and her Companions, Charles Fuge Lowder
11   Mychal Judge and the Saints and Martyrs of 9/11, Richard William Timm, John "Jack" O'Malley
13   John Chrysostom
14   Holy Cross Day
15   Cyprian, James Chisholm
16   Ninian, Edward Bouverie Pusey
17   Hildegard
18   Dag Hammarskjöld
20   John Coleridge Patteson
21   Matthew
22   Henri Nouwen
23  Francisco de Paula Victor
24   Marlene Kegler Krug
25   Sergius of Radonezh
26   Wilson Carlile
27   Vincent de Paul
28   Shusaku Endo
29   Saint Michael and All Angels
30   Rumi

1     Anthony Ashley Cooper, Mother Marie-Joseph Aubert
2     Mahatma Gandhi
4     Francis of Assisi
6     William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale
8     William Dwight Porter Bliss and Richard T. Ely
9     Vida Dutton Scudder, Wilfred Grenfell
11   Philip the Deacon
12   Elizabeth Fry, Edith Cavell
14   Nerilito Satur and Companions
15   Teresa of Ávila
16   Henry Martyn
18   Luke 
20   Sister Barbara Muttra and Her Companions 
23   James of Jerusalem
25   Henri Perrin
26   Alfred the Great
28   Simon and Jude
29   Clarence Jordan

1     All Saints
2     All Souls
3     Laika
5     James Clerk Maxwell and John Polkinghorne
6     William Temple
8     Matushka Olga of Alaska
9     Margery Kempe, Walter Hilton and Richard Rolle
10   Granville Sharp
12   Søren Kierkegaard
14   Consecration of Samuel Seabury
15   Francis Asbury
16   Margaret, Queen of Scotland
18   Hilda of Whitby
19   Mechtild
20   Priscilla Lydia Sellon
21   William Byrd, John Merbecke and Thomas Tallis
22   Clive Staples Lewis
23   Columbanus
25   Isaac Watts
27   Louie Clay Crew
28   Kamehameha and Emma
29   Dorothy Day
30   Andrew

1     Nicholas Ferrar
2     Jean Donovan and the Salvadoran Martyrs
4     John of Damascus
5     Nelson Mandela
6     Nicholas of Myra
7     Ambrose
10   Thomas Merton and Karl Barth
14   John of the Cross
17   Eglantyne Jebb
19   Lillian Trasher
21   Thomas
25   Frances Cabrini
25   Christmas Day
26   Stephen
27   John
28   Holy Innocents
30   Frances Joseph-Gaudet
31   John Wyclif


ADVENT - From the First Sunday of Advent to Christmas Eve
CHRISTMAS - From Christmas Day to the eve of the Epiphany
EPIPHANY - From Epiphany to Candlemas
LENT - From Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve including...
PASSIONTIDE - From the Fifth Sunday of Lent to Easter Eve and...
HOLY WEEK - From Palm Sunday to Easter Eve
EASTER - From Easter Sunday to Pentecost
KINGDOM - From All Saints' Day to the eve of the First Sunday of Advent

Everything else is ORDINARY TIME

All the icons on this page were written by Father Tobias Haller, the polymath priest whose blog, IN A GODWARD DIRECTION, has been pioneering Christian ministry on the Internet for nearly a decade. A huge thank you to him for allowing his artwork to be reproduced on the Saint Laika's website.

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