Dying MP Denied Last Rites

Father Jeffrey Woolnough, a priest who rushed to the scene of Sir David Amess' assassination on Friday, says he was denied the opportunity to offer the Roman Catholic member of parliament the last rites.

He told "The Telegraph," "I said I was the local Catholic priest and showed them my card but I wasn’t allowed. They said no one was allowed on the crime scene. Now we know more about what happened I can perhaps understand it, but it’s still a great disappointment for any Roman Catholic. They want to receive the last rites."

Essex Police said preserving the integrity of crime scenes was of "the utmost importance."

Of course, this would not have happened if Father Brown had been the local priest. Not only would he have been the first to arrive on the scene to say a truncated, television-friendly version of the last rites over the murder victim, but he also would have apprehended the perpetrator and persuaded him to give himself up to the police before the police even got there.

There's just no respect for men of the cloth and their crime-solving abilities anymore.

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