Anti-Gay Bishop Joins Church Full Of Gay Priests

The former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, who is, of course, not a homophobic, publicity-seeking control freak, but is often mistaken for one because of everything he says and does, has poped.

Writing in the "Daily Mail," he said he "had to leave" because the Church of England as an institution "seems to be losing its way."

"The Anglican Church has become splintered, a loose collection of churches, many of whom have conflicting interpretations of Christianity. Even when the Church manages to agree on things, these decisions don't seem to carry much weight - people go off and do it their own way. I have wrestled with this for several years, but reluctantly realised that I have no choice."

"The Catholic Church has had its share of problems, but the faith and values are those that I also hold and which I feel are being eroded in the Church of England. It might have been easier at the age of seventy-two to have remained where I was: to work from the inside to change the things that I feel so strongly about. Believe me, I have tried - but failed. The Church councils and synods are permeated by activists who each have a single-issue, often faddish agenda, whether it is about cultural correctness, climate change, identity politics, multi-culturalism (which actually encourages communities to live separately) or critical theory on race, religion and gender (a neo-Marxist theory developed to create conflict by dividing people into victims and villains).

"Emphasising people's differences, rather than what unites them, isolates and separates people and causes the kind of distrust and 'ghettoisation' that I believe led, in part, to my friend Sir David Amess MP losing his life," Dr Nazir-Ali continued

The Church's position on marriage, the "endless self-lacerating about Britain's imperial past" and not playing an important role in defending persecuted Christians around the world, are some of the other reasons Dr Nazir-Ali gives for leaving Anglicanism.

Dr Nazir-Ali concluded his letter saying that he hopes the Church "can find its way back and to rediscover the courage to stand up for what matters."

"I pray it will once again become the church that Saint Augustine brought here a millennium and a half ago, a beacon of hope, beaming its faith and values around the world, not a flame that flickers in the wind."

Nazir-Ali is the third bishop to defect from the Church of England this year joining the Bishops of Burnley and Ebbsfleet (not a real diocese).


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  1. I don’t think adults who abuse children do it to satisfy their sexual appetites. More likely, they have a need to dominate and children are easy prey. Predatory behavior in humans takes many forms, most of them abstract because cannibalism is frowned upon. “Less than lethal” has widespread appeal.