The Taliban Of Rome

Father Roy Donovan, the parish priest of Caherconlish and Inch Saint Laurence, Limerick, Ireland has accused the Roman Catholic Church of being no better than the Taliban because of the way it treats women.

He said, "In recent weeks we have learned of the Taliban’s negative attitudes to women in Afghanistan, that of exclusion from education and the public domain. In the Catholic Church, women are excluded from the hierarchical (patriarchial) structures – no woman can be ordained a deacon, priest, bishop, cardinal or pope. Women are excluded from leadership, governance and decision making in the Church. Women have no vote in the upcoming Bishops’ Synod 2023 on synodality. The Catholic Church at many levels, like the Taliban, treats women as second-class citizens.”


The Taliban Of Rome — 1 Comment

  1. Disfemism is widespread. Since every person is born of woman, this is difficult to explain. Perhaps they resent being born into a vail of tears.

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