He Steals From The Poor, He Gives To The Rich. What A Dick!

I may have got this wrong but it seems to me that the rich are going to be a lot better off and have far more money to pass on if Boris' new care proposals become law and that most of us will be a lot worse off.

At present, everyone has to pay for their care from their assets until they only have £23250 left. Under the proposed scheme a couple will have to pay £160000 towards their care costs. If they have assets of over that amount they will get to keep them and pass them on in their wills. Couples with assets below that amount will lose everything except for their last £20000.

My house is not even worth the £80000 cap for individuals.

The rich will get to pass on their wealth so the members of each of their generations will be born with the assets needed to create wealth for themselves and their descendants, whilst new generations of the poor will always have to start from scratch.

Levelling up?

My arse!

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