Jailed For Telling The Truth

The charity, Christian Solidarity Worldwide is calling for the immediate release of a Chinese journalist who was jailed for reporting on the pandemic.

Zhang Zhan was detained by Shanghai police for her reports from Wuhan on the coronavirus outbreak in May 2020.

Zhan uploaded videos on YouTube showing overcrowded hospitals, crematoriums and even interviews with people during the early stages of the pandemic. For this, she was convicted on charges of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble", a charge often used by Chinese authorities against human rights campaigners.

Since then, she has been on partial hunger strikes in protest against her detention but as a consequence, her health has seriously worsened.

At the time of her detention, Zhang told a friend she felt it was "God's will" for her to report on the pandemic despite the consequences as she had to "tell everyone the truth".

After her sentencing trial, Zhang Zhan said to her lawyer during their last meeting in January, "I will continue to fight in a Christian way, even at the cost of my life. I will make them (the Chinese authorities) repent, and I will continue to pray for God's great love to guide me."

SOURCE: "Premier Christian News"

We (quite rightly) demonise the Taliban but we do business with the Chinese government which is, in many ways, worse than the Taliban. Go figure!

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