Father Kills Son For Believing In Jesus

A twenty-year-old man in Uganda who had converted from Islam to Christianity was tied up and murdered by his own father on Sunday after he refused to forsake his faith in Jesus.

Tabiruka Tefiiro from Bupalama village in Kibuku district’s Buseta sub-county had been living and working in Kampala since his conversion to Christianity in 2019. Amid pressure from family members to return, Tefiiro agreed to come back on the first of August but he continued to refuse to recant his faith in Christ.

His Muslim father, Kasimu Kawona, who was away, returned on Saturday and called a family meeting to question Tefiiro about whether he had come back to Islam.

According to his aunt, Tefiiro told his father, “I am mature enough to join any religion that I feel like because I am above eighteen years old."

His father left home but returned on Sunday with a knife and hoe and struck Tefiiro, who managed to escape to a neighbour’s house.“

He followed Tefiiro and forcefully entered the house and forced him back to the homestead, where he tied him up and started beating him with the hoe,” the relative added. “He fell down unconscious. He then hanged him up.”

Kawona was not charged with murder but a lesser charge of manslaughter because he killed his son in anger for leaving Islam.

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