A Slippery Slope

From "Premier Christian News."

A church in Wiltshire has found a novel way of getting parishioners into the pews - it has installed a huge indoor slide to transport people from its first-floor entrance to the services which are held downstairs.

Reverend Joel Sales says the reason for the slide is rooted in theology:

"I always wanted to have a slide in this building, for a few reasons. Because joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Like when you read about what Jesus does in the life of Christians, part of the fruit is joy, the kingdom of God is love, joy and peace. So joy is a big theme. Also, God loves children. And Jesus says, let the children come to me, don't hold them back. He loves children and sometimes our buildings and the way we operate can unintentionally say to children, actually, this isn't the place for you. And we want to say no, this is absolutely a place for everyone - young, old, whatever shape or size we are, you're welcome here.

More traditional churchgoers will be pleased to know that they can still use a staircase or lift to get to the services if they prefer.

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