Mark Of The Beast Revealed

In Zimbabwe, charismatic evangelical preacher Prophet Uebert Angel has clarified his remarks on Covid-19 vaccines. The founder of the Spirit Embassy: Goodnews Church says that he does not have an issue with Covid-19 vaccines that use the traditional technology but he insists that he remains vigorously opposed to Covid-19 vaccines which use mRNA technology. He says such vaccines are the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”

In a recent sermon, he said, "The Mark of the beast, he shall cause, he shall cause. It comes in as just a small thing then it starts building up to what he really wants it to be. But the mark is already there. The Bible did not say it will function. It said, when you get it, you will not buy or sell without it. Is it starting? Yes, after the vaccine it is already starting. So should you receive the vaccine? Absolutely No."

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