Speaking Up For The Inconvenient

Guardian readers and others are ringing their hands today about the announcement that one thousand babies die each year shortly after birth in England, mostly because of underfunding of maternity services within the National Health Service. Coincidently, today a happily married, life enjoying, society enhancing, beautiful young lady with Down Syndrome called Heidi, is taking the Government to court to try and stop the killing of babies with Down Syndrome up to the day before they are due to be born. She says it is discriminatory and she is damn right it is. It is also hypocritical to bleat about the accidental death of wanted children whilst dismissing the intentional murder of unwanted children as a matter of personal choice.


Speaking Up For The Inconvenient — 2 Comments

  1. I am ambivalent about ultra-sound. It was not available when my three were born and their gender was of no interet to me. On the other hand, one grand-child had an abnormal browth identified which was able to be surgically addressed soon after birth, thus eliminating potentially life-threatening interference with her internal organs. Surgical intervention to eliminate a presumed intellectual imperfection is immoral.

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