Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

Although I think that the new abortion restrictions in Texas are unscientific and completely lacking in compassion, I have to admit that I am also extremely uncomfortable with Paxton Smith's basic argument against them that abortion should be allowed because getting pregnant could mess up her career plans. It stinks of entitlement and a complete refusal to accept responsibility for one's own life choices.

Perhaps, she should be campaigning for the right of a woman to realise her career potential at the same time as being a parent of young children. Certainly, the world needs to make things a lot easier for women to do both (and men as well for that matter). She could also consider only having sex if she is prepared to live with the possible consequences, both the physical and emotional ones.

Paxton Smith, Lake Highlands High School valedictorian, poses for a photo, Wednesday, June 2, 2021, in Dallas. Smith scrapped a speech approved by her school administrators and delivered an abortion rights call in its place. (Juan Figueroa/The Dallas Morning News via AP)


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  1. Individuals who cannot be impregnated should not have opinions about when and how the resulting parasite is to be removed. For that matter, it is a fact that 50% of all fertilized eggs are spontaneously expelled, before or shortly after implantation, and that is not a process man’s laws can affect. Prohibiting trained medical and surgical care providers from providing professional assistance is possible, but fundamentally immoral and, to be honest, cowardly.
    If males are concerned about their precious sperm being wasted, let them keep them to themselves.

    • I would add that, while the Constitution presumes that the behavior of natural persons is good, this presumption conflicts with the widespread belief that man is inherently sinful and governments are established to make him good. So, in order to get around this basic conflict, the U.S. has a long history of triangulation relying on surrogates to accomplish what the agents of government are prohibited from doing. Extorting the compliance of physicians who “practice their love” under public licensure is what I call immoral. But then, so is the hiring of public executioners to kill convicts in cold blood. Triangulation–it’s such a convenient way to evade responsibility.

    • I used to be pro-choice and then I thought about it. Now, I believe there is a point at which the foetus becomes an aware human and at that point, its killing would be murder. I have no idea when that point occurs. I certainly do not agree that our bodies are solely our own concern or that the body of the unborn baby should have no rights separate from the mother. That sort of attitude is, in my opinion, why the world is such a shithole to live in.

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