Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

Those of a woke persuasion are trying to justify the refusal of some members of some ethnic minorities to be vaccinated against Covid (which is seriously buggering up the return to normality for the rest of us) by claiming that the refuseniks do not trust the government. But it is a lousy excuse. Let's face it, if everybody in England who does not trust the government were to refuse to be jabbed, nobody would get vaccinated, not even members of the government. Obviously, not trusting the government is not getting in the way of the vast majority of the population doing the right thing.


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  1. Some people are simply into attention seeking and will engage in whatever behavior or non-behavior gets them the most attention. Unfortunately, such an attention deficit cannot be remedied. No matter how much attention they get, they want more.
    Psychologists have, IMHO, made a gross mistake in referring to an abundance of attention to perhaps insignificant matters as Attention Deficit Disorder. It means that individuals who have no awareness of either themselves or their environment are simply ignored.
    As the spouse of a diagnosed bi-polar, I can attest that the condition can be dealt with by making sure the person gets plenty of sleep. An active brain consumes a lot of energy and when that is not replaced, the brain tends to go haywire. Getting nine hours of uninterrupted sleep at night is really difficult in the modern world. It is also difficult for individuals who have no sense of time and never know when they should be asleep. That is why it helps to have a caretaker who monitors such things.