Mad Priest Goes To Town

I travelled from my village into town this afternoon on a bus. It was the first time I had used any form of public transport in over a year. Other than the driver, who was safely ensconced behind perspex, I was the only person on board so I had no problem social distancing. You will be pleased to know that I wore a facemask for the entire journey as per the regulations even though I was travelling alone.

I did get caught out by one thing. The bus company now insists that you pay the exact fare, no change will be given. That cost me an extra twenty pence. No big deal, but I do think it a tad unfair that they expect you to have the exact amount of cash when you do not know how much it is going to cost until the bus driver tells you. It is not as if they put the prices on the bus shelter timetable.

Having had my first injection some while ago I have come to the conclusion that things are not going to get much better than they are at present and at my age life is definitely short and getting rapidly shorter. So, heck, I am being sensible but I am no longer avoiding shops and public spaces like the plague. I am, of course, still avoiding young people, but I was doing that before the pandemic. It is just commonsense to do so. They are infested with germs at all times and do embarrassing things without warning.


Mad Priest Goes To Town — 2 Comments

  1. I am not sure how I feel about social distancing. To my way of thinking, keeping one’s distance should be the norm and the habit of hand-shaking is an abomination. What kind of society expects people to validate they are not armed?
    Good to learn you rode the bus.

    • Ha! I’m totally with you on that one, Hannah. I would love to live in a hug free world.