Cyprus Give Its Eurovision Heart To The Devil

From Associated Press:

The Orthodox Church of Cyprus on Tuesday called for the withdrawal of the country’s controversial entry into this year’s Eurovision song contest titled El Diablo, charging that the song makes an international mockery of the country’s moral foundations by advocating “our surrender to the devil and promoting his worship".

With the church now having officially weighed in, the controversy has taken on a new dimension after the song and its lyrics (“I gave my heart to el diablo because he tells me I’m his angel”) caused a stir among some in the east Mediterranean island nation, who consider it to be fraught with Satanic connotations.

The chairman of the board of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Andreas Frangos, insists that the song won’t be withdrawn and that it wasn’t the broadcaster’s intention to insult anyone’s religious sentiments. However, he conceded that the broadcaster should’ve done a better job explaining the core message of the tune, which describes an abusive relationship between two lovers.

The annual Eurovision contest is a beloved European institution watched by millions that often involves songs that are controversial, in questionable taste, just plain bad or, as in the case of this year's entry from Cyprus, complete and utter shite.

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