New Leader Of Evangelicals Calls For The Worship Of Idols

The World Evangelical Alliance officially handed over its top leadership position to Bishop Thomas Schirrmacher on Saturday, with the new secretary-general and CEO of the global organisation of evangelical churches detailing what it means to be evangelical.

Speaking from a studio near the city of Bonn in western Germany he described the Bible as the “confession of the Church” that stands above everything and everyone. He pointed out that the very idea of a paper document, rather than a person, having ultimate authority originated in the Old Testament, where the Torah was regarded as higher than even the king.

“We are proud to have a Paper Pope because the Paper Pope assures that none of us, including me, are above the Word of God,” he said. “We all submit to the Word of God; no one is above it.”Of course, he has fallen into the pit of blasphemy that most modern-day evangelicals trip themselves up into. The Word of God is not made of paper. The Word of God is a person. Only the words that were spoken by the Word are the words of God. All other words that are recorded as being from God are the words of human beings who are not the Word. They may be inspired, they may be useful for our salvation but they are not reliable in the same way that the words of Jesus Christ are. They are certainly not inerrant. Only God can be inerrant. To claim that the words of those who are merely human are inerrant is to claim that human beings are as God and that is blasphemy.

Schirrmacher, who, honestly, should know better is hovering close to making his paper pope into a golden bull. He needs to turn his eyes upon Jesus.

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